surprise relapse!

I posted a while ago about dry burning eyes and general discomfort of my eye (optic neuritis 4 years ago). Well, I eventually got around to seeing the opthalmologist and it seems I’ve had another attack! It didn’t seem that bad - just generally blurry but an amazing high-tech test produced a full colour printout showing more than 80% damage to the optic nerve with the other 20% being borderline and damage starting to show in the other (supposedly good!) eye. So it was off to the neurologist and now I’m on high -dose Prednol (1000mg iv for 7 days followed by reducing dose oral). I was a bit surprised that the attack didn’t seem as bad as the previous one, yet it seemed that they were approaching the treatment more seriously - they wanted to hospitalise me for 5 days! That would have put my stress levels through the roof so I go into the hospital at 7.30 every morning and read my book for an hour while I’m pumped full of steroids and I’ve had to promise that I will rest at home until at least midday. Not easy when I’m still working freelance. The first day was horrible with splitting headaches but now on day 3, I’m feeling quite good. I had an MRI on Saturday so will get the results of that tomorrow. I’m a little confused though as to whether this steroid treatment is actually going to be able to reverse any of the nerve damage or just halt anything which is still ongoing? I know I’m very lucky in the grand scheme of MS - only to have had 2 treatments in 4 years, I’m not on any regular medication and I don’t have any motor impairments. But even so, it’s not the way I wanted to start the New Year! By the way, all this treatment happens so quickly because I live in Turkey - I’m in the national health system here so it’s all paid for and I can get MRIs done immediately in private hospitals.

Hope everyone else is having a better start to 2013 :slight_smile:

Snap! In hospital at the minute on day two of IV steroids because of optic neuritis. I’m feeling terrible. My legs have gone (not great anyway from past relapse) and headache/eye pain is terrible. So jealous your allowed to go home. I had to leave my husband at home with our 3 and 13 year olds and a full time job to go to. Hope you feel better soon.

Relapsing here too but legs have gone and got stabbing pains/pins and needles all over. Went to hosp and was admitted by medical registrar but neuro registrar decided I could cope at home and sent me home. Half relieved cos of kids aged 2, 5 and 13 at home plus husband with full time job and a postgraduate assignment due in on friday.

Never rains but it pours eh! Hope you both feel better soon x

Thank you both for your comments - @helen, I read your other post about your A&E experience, that is absolutely appalling! I’m so sorrry and hope you get some better attention now we’ve got over the weekend.

@babylove, what dosage steroids are you on for how many days?

Let’s hope we all feel better soon! :))