Question about my funny walking in noisy busy environments

Hi, I was diagnosed with releasing ms in 2019, I’ve been fit all my life, horse riding, swimming , running, duathlons . I currently cycle and walk a lot, went up Ben Nevis last year, yep at then end I’m wobbly but that’s to be expected. my question is how come I can walk up and down Ben Nevis, but as soon as I’m in a busy noisy airport, not done much walking check in and security my walking goes weird, balance all over the place, legs go side ways instead of forwards, basically I feel like I look like I’m auditioning for a break dancing competition, and I’m glad to hang onto someone. Is this because of the noise and lots of things going on around me ?

Get your GP to refer you to Audiology dept in local NHS Hospital Trust. Could be inner ear - the bit that looks after balance - being confused by the multitude of sounds from all directions? Or do you have any history of panic, claustrophobia or anxiety? Just clutching at straws.

Hi thanks for your reply, I have a history of anxiety from when originally diagnosed, but I felt completely calm going through security, but did have some anxiety relating to trying to remember everything I need to do.
Gait of walk slightly improved after a short time, but then walking down the slope to airport buses gait of walk went weird legs seem to want to go out sideways rather than fwd , (that’s what it feels like to me ) not sure what I look like, but it’s obvious to people as some rather nice people asked did I want to sit down. Never happens other than very tired, or with lots of noise and distractions going on and if I need to be multi tasking .

Walking is about a lot more than just moving the legs. Each of us has our own particular set of problems. I found that an extra point of reference was a great help early on. If I could run a finger along a wall or a light touch on the top of a fully extended trekking pole. Even wearing wrist weights. If you close your eyes or it is dark then you will probably find it more difficult. Being in crowded unfamiliar noisy places will be more difficult. The better your core strength the better you will be but just expect and allow for the other things. A collapsible trekking pole is very useful to use in these circumstances both in itself and as an indication to others though you may look great there is possibly something wrong and you may move erratically.

Not sure if this helps, but the particular pattern of my MS damage means that I’m better going up and down than along. Neurological fatigue makes the bad leg conk out faster on the flat than up a steep slope. Something to do with the repetitive movements of constant along, I think. Weird, but there it is. So yes, airports do me in too, but for that specific reason in my case.

These characteristics could be regarded as “stress testing”. Normal circumstances everything is fine but push to your limits and things start to give up.

My limitation is mobility - walking and standing. Do it for too long and things get very untidy, foot drag gets worse & worse and walking slower & slower with a real risk of falling over. I had such an episode just yesterday. For you, it could be related to the sensory overload.

I liken my legs to 2 toddlers, they only behave when everything thing is just right.
Can’t be to hot, to cold, hungry or stressed. I can only transfer nowadays but if all those things aren’t right I don’t even manage that.
Don’t be too hard on yourself if you think this is going to happen again ask the airport for assistance.

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Aw thanks everyone that’s really helpful, really appreciate the comments and tips, thank u

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