Query about lady area ?

I really was not sure what to put in title, does anyone suffer with pain which seems to be like sciatica but comes from lady bits and radiates down leg same as sciatica ?

I do have pain in my buttock but there is terrific pain from one side of vaginal area…I had a bartholin cyst years and tears ago on that side and it got so big it caused similar pain…I had surgery to remove that and half my labia major so it cannot bbe that come back.

I cannot sit with legs togoether…totally the opposite…that eases a little bit but still have pain there and all down leg to foot.

Back of knee particularly painful.

This has gone on for weeks.

It is my worst side anyway and my drop foot side so difficult to differentiate new pain from usual pain.

Very grateful for any input please.

So, have you seen your GP about this ? Maybe they could help if they knew ?


…must confess, when the thread title mentioned ‘lady area’, I immediately thought of the cosmetics counter in Debenhams !!


I have been wanting to bring this up for ages but was embarrassed and not sure how to write it down. I suffer with spasms on my lady bits, they are very painful and can keep me awake at night if i have it then. I get a very sharp pain and it goes right down both my legs (left side is moderately worse) and makes my feet and toes curl up, this can go on for ages sometimes. I had it last night but im fine now. I haven’t said anything to anyone as i wasn’t sure how to.


Make an appointment with your gp or if you have an MS nurse then contact him/her. Try not to be embarrassed, I promise they are used to hearing these things and you will feel better when you have got this checked out. I too get spasms in the vaginal area but nothing like what your describing so best to get it checked. I’m sure there will be some medication to help :slight_smile: Good luck x

hi anon

sounds painful!

i had an absess there when i was 17 and it brough tears to my eyes.

anyway at least dom has made me chuckle!

carole x

Got a pretty useless gp tbh.

Just kind of shrugs when I mention some things :frowning:

Well perhaps you should change your gp then :slight_smile: This needs investigating, so my advice is to ask for tests X

No choice to change as journey even now a nightmare and further away would be too expensive for taxi.