Quanked - word of the day / week / year

Mr Sssue just told me that apparently the word for today on Twitter (whatever one of those is) is ‘Quanked’. It’s an antiquated word that means extremely fatigued. Who knew? We should resurrect it.

Bloody hell I’m quanked today!



Think I’m a Quanker today lol…

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Quanked, good word that Sue, far nicer than saying Bolloxedx

Yes I am most certainly Quanked…I have been desperate to go to bed for the last hour and a half but have to wait until my 12yr old goes to bed first as she doesn’t like me going before her ha ha!. I’m going now though!

hiya sue

aye-a guid word! am sure i have used it by accident when trying to say something else!


I suppose an exhausted duck would be too quanked to quack.

I managed to stop myself from replying with my reflex schoolboy humour… What a brilliant word Mick

What is “Twitter”?

Titter with a w.

Exactly. I think it’s something to do with Donald Trump. Or Donald Duck. One of those cartoon characters anyway.

I WOULD trust Donald Duck to run a bath…

so, having to belabour a point - i’m abso-feckin-lutely quanked! not really tired yet but i will be by 5.00pm.

From what you said on the Brain Fog thread you are going to get Tanqued !

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ah yes! qwanked after getting tanqued! good one AD

I’ve just been Tanqued as a result of a very quankey day.


I’m Quanked off with this quanking ms malarky…

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i am still in awe of how you express yourself, I hope that you have some less quankey days.


Nice turn of phrase Db, I do believe this is a euphemism