Laugh out load of the day for me

Traffic cops TV programme on watch channel PC “oi why are you wandering down the hard shoulder of the motorway, dressed like a wizard ?” Very drunk young man “I’m lost” PC (as police van pulls up) “righty ho, Harry Potter get on the broomstick and they’ll take you back to Hogwarts” Class, pure class. Just a shame I can’t remember the last time I was that inebriated. Oh the joy of youth. Xx

LOL! Teresa xx

Oh, I felt so sorry for him when they said that he was so drunk that he’d actually walked 10 miles PAST where his home was !! Bless. Am having a duvet day, watching TV, eating my birthday choccies !! Xx

Happy Birthday Mrs H


Thank you…it was last Monday but I’ve felt so ill, I couldn’t eat them !! Must be a good sign that I’m munching now though !! Xx

Happy Birthday for last Monday Catherine. Definitely a good sign that you are stuffing your chocs! Teresa xx

happy belated birthday wishes,hope you are feeling a bit better now.

jaki xx

A belated Happy Birthday from me too!

Giz a choccy!

luv Pollx