When I was a kid, I hated Lollypop ladies…they made me cross!

lol…I think it`s fab!


Yes made me smile, thanks Polly.

Wendy x

This one is much better than the one liner that’s just been voted the funniest at the Edinburgh Festival.

Anyone got any more?

Pretty pic Wendy

talking of crossing roads, does anyone remember ‘the tufty club’?

Aw Poll how could the lovely lollipop ladies make you cross? but then again for no reason I used to hate Wednesdays - strange I know and I could not tell you why but whenever Wednesday came around I would feel grumpy. Lasted all through primary school but could never pinpoint why. Maybe I am just odd - suppose no maybe about it I am odd.

Yep I remember the tufty club, and I still remember the name of our school lollipop lady some 50 years ago. Mrs L was a lovely lady and knew all the kids by name. On another note, my Gran had her own way of crossing the road - she would just wave her walking stick in the air and march into the road. She said the cars would stop for her and they did. How she managed to survive her trips out I will never know.

Dinks, Polly is punning on the word “cross” - I had to read her message twice to get the joke.

As for how your Gran survived her trips out, the simple answer is that drivers don’t like hitting pedestrians if they can possibly avoid it - too much hassle dealing with the police and insurance, and the insurance companies tend to put the premiums up at renewal!

My aunty Marge has been ill for ages. I can’t believe she’s not better.

:slight_smile: PG xx

Cadbury are bringing out an Oriental chocolate bar. Could just be a Chinese Wispa…


My aunty Marge has been ill for ages. I can’t believe she’s not better.

:slight_smile: PG xx

[/quote] I was a bit slow getting this one…funny :slight_smile: