Pure Garcinia Cambogia??

Has anyone heard of Pure Garcinia Cambogia and whether it is ok to use for ms people? It’s supposed to be a good weight loss supplement that helps burn fat. I’m working out and eating healthier but thought this could help too. Any advice is appreciated

I personally don’t agree with taking these type of supplements. But if you are really wanting to then at least check with your gp or MS nurse. Why can’t you just carry on doing what your doing…be patient.

I’m going to continue with the healthy eating and exercise but thought I would give this a go - the supplements are only for a maximum of 3 months and just wanted to try them and see if they worked

Well try them anon…you don’t need permission. You asked for advice. I still think you should check them out to be on safe side. Even supplements have side effects and there not as well regulated. I’m afraid like it or not there are no quick fixes to losing weight. All the best x