Psot lumbar puncture

Hi all

I had a lumbar puncture recently (7days) for diagnosis and ever since i have a headache and weird tingling feeling in my legs and a heavyness numbness. I went back to hospital and they said it should subcide in a week or two. Has anyone had this experience and how long did it take to subcide?? I had expected a headache and the advice was loada of caffine which has eleivated a bit but still there. But i am more qorried about the leg?? Any advice or experience is much appreciated. I hope your all doing well. Nico Cc

Maybe not too similar, but after an epidural my foot was tingly/numb/heavy for over a week. With a new baby I had other things keeping my mind busy and sometime between weeks 2 and 3 it just disappeared and felt normal again.

As impossible as it is, try to distract yourself away from focussing on it (assuming you’ve already discussed with a medical professional and they aren’t concerned).

I had an awful headache for a week after mine. Paracetamol/co-codamol didn’t touch it, but I felt better lying down. Try to stay hydrated, that might help a bit.
It subsided gradually ……
Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Thanks i have they said it was likely a sensitised nerve following LP. The other leg i am experiencing sensation change too since than. They said to come back in two weeks and if still experiencing it they do a scan. Thanks this is a comfort to know someone else experienced the same thing and it went away.