Dead leg post lumbar puncture

So as I mentioned in Cheryl’s LP thread, I also had an LP on Tuesday. I’ve escaped the dreaded headache but since yesterday afternoon I have some numbness/have lost some sensation below the knee in my right leg and have a pins and needles/tingling sensation. I’ve left a message at the hospital for someone to call me back although initially said maybe they had caught a nerve. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it likely to go away :S? Thanks

Hi, yes it will hopefully go away in a few days… mine did anyway.

If it’s not gone by Monday maybe you should call GP or go A&E… but hopefully it will be gone by then. It’s because the nerve has been disturbed and should settle down by itself.

Pat x

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Thanks Pat. Mr. Google suggests it’s panic stations and to call a doctor IMMEDIATELY, but I thought it was probably reasonably normal. It’s actually one of the original symptoms that made them want to test me for MS. It’s just annoying more than anything!

Just seen this,Ihad to get an ambulance thursday night :frowning: The head was still bad with sickness but I started getting cramp like shooting pains in top of back/shoukders and down arms I actually was in tears the pain was that bad,parmedics gave me morpine which helped and after an overnight stay doc said headache likely due to lp,but the pain in arms not.I’m wondering if this is an ms symptom? im home now lying down still,sickness and arm pain gone thankfully! so how r u now? has the feeling come back?xx

Oh Cheryl, that sounds awful. Has your headache gone now? I ended up in A&E last night, I had pins and needles in my right arm, still numb right leg and started to get numb left leg. They did bloods and said I was fine, I actually really liked the doctor I saw but wasn’t overly convinced by what he said. He said he thought none of it was from the LP and that sometimes the idea of tests makes the brain focus on it and so my symptoms are more of a mental mind trick? He also said he’d give me money if I end up with an MS diagnosis. He said he thinks I’m fine :S. None of this has stopped the numb right leg or pins and needles in the right arm though. I haven’t been able to rest for a few days with moving, and have done a lot of heavy lifting, intense cleaning etc. so I’m hoping if I take it easy the next few days it will go away.

sounds like we have both had fun with this lumbar puncture! I still have headache and sickly feeling when i sit up so I’m gonna ring the neuro tomorrow.It’s annoying when docs say things like that,makes u feel like your imagining it!If thats the case we have very overactive minds! Try and take it easy next few days hopefully it will settle down and the sooner we have results the better!

I had a terrible reaction to my LP. Luckily I was in hospital anyway as was unable to walk properly. The only advice I can give is drink lots of caffeine. If you are worried don’t hesitate to call neuro. That’s what they’re there for!

Your right about the caffeine it certainly helped I can actually sit up now! :slight_smile:

Glad it helped :slight_smile: x

Hi did you numb leg and pins and needles subcide??? How long did it take???