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Profilactic (sp?!) Antibiotics

All about UTIs and womens health…
So I’ve had 3 UTIs in the last 3 months :slightly_frowning_face:
I am a 40 yo woman with PPMS. I self cathetorize up to x5 a day. Infections also seem to come after sex. I was on a profilactic dose of antibiotics for a long time but they took me off that 4 months ago and since then I keep getting infections and have to have a full dose of antibiotics.
I dont want to be on a profilactic dose, but cant keep taking antibiotics for infection. Scared of becoming resistant.
However dont want to give up relations with my husband as so many things were changing as I become more disabled I want to hold on to what I have for as long as I can… is this stupid? How bad is being on a profilactic dose? Anyone had experience of this?