Antibiotics UTIs

All about UTIs and womens health…
So I’ve had 3 UTIs in the last 3 months :slightly_frowning_face:
I am a 40 yo woman with PPMS. I self cathetorize up to x5 a day. Infections also seem to come after sex. I was on a profilactic dose of antibiotics for a long time but they took me off that 4 months ago and since then I keep getting infections and have to have a full dose of antibiotics.
I dont want to be on a profilactic dose, but cant keep taking antibiotics for infection. Scared of becoming resistant.
However dont want to give up relations with my husband as so many things were changing as I become more disabled I want to hold on to what I have for as long as I can… is this stupid? How bad is being on a profilactic dose? Anyone had experience of this?

Hi Tia, sorry I can’t offer any help on this. But I had a bad uti last year and it was horrible…needed 2 courses of anti-biotics to clear it.

Have you tried using condoms…not ideal I know, but they might help.


Thanks for your reply. :slightly_smiling_face:
I was hoping people could give me their experience of being on profilactic antibiotics too…is this a negative thing?


I’ve been on a prophylactic antibiotic for quite a long time and am a constant ISC user (can’t ‘go’ without a catheter at all!). I’ve not had a UTI for a long time (18 months looking at my diary!). So from my perspective, prophylactic antibiotics work.

Then again, sex and UTIs do seem to go hand in hand. I completely understand why you want / need to keep that side of your life going (to be completely honest, I’m really rather envious - I would dearly love to still be sexually active with my husband but it’s impossible for a variety of reasons ). I suppose it might be a case of following all the hygiene rules about keeping things as clean as possible & at least attempting to have a ‘natural’ wee after sex.

The other thing you could try is D-Mannose. It’s a type of natural sugar supplement, many people swear by it for preventing UTIs.


Thanks so much for your reply Sue. I feel like I’m having to choose between quality of life and longevity of treatment at 40 and its difficult.
Can I ask about your ISC? Have they mentioned a permanent in build catheter as an option? I’m just wondering if an option like that would mean fewer infections??? So many questions, but so glad you understand. Thanks for your reply x