I have horrible foot problems the toes on 1 foot have curled making it difficult to walk asked M.S nurse if anything could be done. She just told me they curled because I dig my toes in the ground trying to hold myself up well that doesn’t stop me falling. Shoe size has gone up and the width is scary went into E fit up and up to 8E still a bit tight and leaves lines on my feet showing how tight they are. Went to hospital they measured my feet, thought they must be doing a good job no I think they were shoes out of a catalogue. First time I went to try them the fitter didn’t even try lifted them up and said no I would have to go back, this happened 3 times. Then I was told the shoes would have to do they were the original shoes that were fiddled with each time, so now I still have no comfortable shoes. Remember the days when I wore heels and they were comfy, think I’ll have to find someone to make me some shoes but it will be 1 pair not the 10 or 12 I used to have, gave that away lol.

A change now catheters another problem for me which type do you use when doing your own? something smooth and easy if there is such a thing. The urology told me a pubic catheter might be the next step at least it would stop me wetting myself, nice thing to brag about. I don’t know how long they will take to decide or how long I’ll be in hospital, could it be done in a day.

I feel like I’m missing out on some meds to help me with either problem.


When I used to self catheterise, I used ones made by Lofric. There are different widths available. I never had any problems with them. I’ve now got a suprapubic catheter. Yes, it can be done in a day. The catheters get changed every 6-8 weeks, but that’s done at home by a district nurse. It doesn’t take long, and doesn’t hurt.

Sorry, I’m not sure what to suggest about your feet though.


i use speedicath which are the size of a lipstick and even come with a tiny make up bag to carry them in.

my toes look deformed on my right foot, like claws.

oh what joy ms brings us!

Re your feet, yes, it’s a common problem. My feet were always too skinny for shoes. Now they’re too wide. So I’m in extra wide shoes. But luckily I don’t have the curly toe problem. You have my sympathies. I used to have lots of shoes too beautiful shoes. I loved them. It’s very sad when you wear plimsoles. And have one pair of boots. And some ugly shoes too.

Re catheters, I’m unsure what you’re asking about.

If the urologist is talking about a supra pubic catheter, that’s where the catheter sits in your bladder all the time and comes out through a hole in your tummy. It’s usually on a free flow system that attaches to a leg bag through the day and a larger night bag for overnight. That usually requires a general anaesthetic and an overnight stay in hospital.

Or if you are talking about intermittent self catheterisation, that’s where you use a small plastic catheter to slide into your urethra and through which urine either is collected in a bag or straight into the loo instead of sitting on the loo and weeing ‘normally’ (whatever that is).

I currently do intermittent self catheterisation, I use Speedicath Compact Plus which are slightly longer than the Speedicath compact. I’m a bit envious of the small bag to keep them in. I don’t get one of those, still never mind, I don’t get out much so have less need!!

Both Lofric and Speedicath are made of a special kind of plastic called ‘hydrophilic’. This means they are self lubricating with a built in system of releasing saline water to the plastic. It’s very clever. It means they just slide easily into your urethra and then on into your bladder to empty the urine.


Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply I had another problem. I fell to the floor, not unusual but I managed to chip bone on heel too. Taken to hospital and had an x ray told nothing broken and sent home. Walking up stone steps but went down again, husband and neighbour got me inside left me on floor and called ambulance. This time I was told I had chipped my heel, I was given a big heavy boot no pot? Then told I couldn’t put any weight on it so had to stay in hospital until they found a care home with a rotator to take me. There a few months and back home to catch up on things I should have done. The catheters I can’t find anywhere doing a sample pack of Lofric, Speedicath won’t send a sample until someone from G.P surgery has been to teach me how to use it. I bought something from ?bay to help. A pad with elastic to go around your toes, seems to work quite well until you take if off and they bend again. Yvonne