Problems re electrical wheelchair

I am looking for some advice re my electrical wheelchair, hopefully someone can help? My wonderful wife decided to buy me an electrical wheelchair out of her mother’s inheritance, this to make potential foreign trips a lot easier…

However, during our last trip to Spain, people at customs found it necessary to ‘open up in a brisk way’ the small compartment attached at the wheel of my wheelchair (PRIDE - QUEST). Due to their actions the little green bulb (indicating POWER) only flashes now and then or not at all, meaning that I can no longer use the chair at all!. There is obviously something wrong with the wiring in that little compartment OR the cables in the battery at the bottom? I assume my dutch passport did not particularly help on this occasion, as they also searched me thoroughly while I was trying hard to keep my balance with my sticks…

Anyone who can possibly ‘shine a light’?, that is a permanent one?.. Thank you in advance, Jos.

Surely it is under warranty? I have an electrical wheelchair and a maintenance insurance for it. there are a lot of companys who will come out and fix it for you. It cost here 75.00 for an hour call out. sounds like a wire is loose. I think your wife has to go back to where she bought it. I would have.

Thanks for your comment ‘CC’, I have only just picked up your message! We DID go back and it has been fixed now, and it was indeed something minor to do with the wiring. Lovely picture of you and, I assume, your wife BTW.