If anyone has a problem with me would you please say it here and not hide in the pm system.


I hope you are ok?

I can’t think why anyone would have a problem with you!

I’ve really enjoyed chatting to you in the past and pm’ing you also.

I hope whoever is bothering you - leaves you alone!

Best wishes

Teresa. x

Whats happening chuck I cant see where thats come from??

Do you need to talk to the mods about something?

The last thing you need is to think we have a prob with you…we dont


No problem here… we love your posts and comments :slight_smile:

No idea what or why someone would want to single you out - hope it gets


Ditto! Whats happened nikkinoo?

If someone has been harassing or bad mouthing you, you need to report them to the mods and/or Greg or Bob. It is not the kind of behaviour that is tolerated. Whatever it is/was, please don’t take it to heart. Whoever it is is clearly not worth worrying over. (((hugs))) Karen x

Ditto all the above, have found only support on here and if that’s not the case for others it needs to be reported Chis

Report anything dodgy to the mods!

No probs here!


Report anything dodgy to the mods!

No probs here!


Oops , didn’t mean to post that twice but hey… double (now triple) no probs!



Do you mean they sent anonymous private messages - is this possible?

Hi Nikki As others have said report any abuse to the mods. We are all here to support each other, you are valued here. Don’t let some idiot upset you. Undercover too, how brave?!!! Keep your chin they are the morons not you. Ppx


Ditto what all the above say - not worth worrying about. Keep your head held high xx

Hi Nikki Are u ok? What’s the score? Just chill-don’t fret Mike x

Wassappertainin lovely??? xxxxjexxxx

Absolutely no problems here. I think your posts have been very valuable! Sod em, that’s what I say! Mandymoo xx

I don’t understand the post…

If someone is abusing the PM system then report to the mods.

I didn’t think anyone could PM anonymously?

Hi Nikki, hope the mods find out who it is. Good luck. F.xx

Hi Nikki,

I go along with what all the others have said, ask the mods. Hope you haven’t been hurt by this individual. You’ve always supported me and I thank you for it.



Thanks for the support and the lovely pm’s, I really appreciate it. I have been thinking about just staying away but I have my MRI on Wednesday and if I’m honest I need the support.