Problem Solvers Pls?

Hello All

I am looking for help with trying to solve some of these ‘problems’ pls. I would really appreciate any and all help in this pls:​

  1. Getting up (Aided and/or Unaided) off ‘Hard ot Soft services ,such as a chair and/or a bed mattress’?.

  2. Balance. When 'Walking and/ or Sitting?

I just want to get back, whatever sense of my ‘Self’ tat I had and try to find a way to be able to be able to ‘fight’ this thing 'Head-on !

So frustrated



Hi Anon, have you been diagnosed with MS?

If so then my advice, is to stop trying to fight it, but to continue to live the best you can each day.

IMO fighting something you are never going to win, is like pushing water uphill!..It cant be done.

By that I dont mean we should just lay back and let it wash over us, as if we have no say whatsoever. You can do this by getting the best rest/sleep you can…pace your activities, accept help when it is offered. and keep away from Dr Google.

This forum is filled with folk who have been there or done that. There`s nowt as good as first hand experience.

So chick, to try to answer your questions…

  1. getting up from a chair/bed…for your bed, there are devices called bed leavers…it has a wooden board you put under the mattress and it has a curved metal part and you pull on this to left and steady yourself.

  2. Balance…a walking stick, a crutch or an arm of a willing person…all these will help.

MS is a progressive disease and unless you are on DMDs, it will ususally do this.

I`ve had PPMS for 23 years and have gone through a lot of different aids, so do have some experience to pass on if anyone can use it.

Take care sweet


Hi Anon,

MS symptoms are there to challenge us, as Bouds said, we have to work out ways to make our lives easier with the problems we are thrown.

  1. Bed grab rails,as Bouds said.

Just looking and you can get bed support ladders if you’ve got good upper body strength.

  1. Walking stick - make sure correct height - to your wrist.

Walking frame or rollator. I have a walking frame and have a Buckingham caddy attached which helps me transport what other people would carry on a tray.

Put ‘walking aids’ into a search engine and see what you think may be suitable.

If you have MS then you don’t pay VAT on equipment. Usually a drop down menu near the check out.

Maybe worth asking your MS nurse, if you have one to refer you to an occupational therapist. They can come to your home, virus permitting, and assess you. They can provide or suggest equipment that may help.

I’ve got loads of aids as my symptoms have progressed they help me keep my independence. More importantly they help me to keep safe so I don’t fall, injure myself and end up breaking something and ending up in hospital!!

Take care


A walking stick is almost mandatory. I use one that folds up, so I can tuck it into my purse when necessary. Sit in chairs with arms, and I like a firm back, too. I don’t use bed rails yet, but I do have a sturdy nightstand that helps me get my balance first thing in the morning.

You might want to consider a walker or rollator (not sure what they’re called over there). They can give you more leverage to get yourself from a seated position and then help you keep on moving.

Whether you have MS or not, do whatever it takes to keep yourself safe and as mobile as possible! There’s no shame in needing help.

Hello I’ve just been in hospital with COVID. This has caused a lot more leg weakness. The physiotherapist on the ward suggested a bed lever. It is really helpful as I can steady myself to stand and sit and also use it to help turn. You need to buy one that works with a wooden bed frame or a divan. The other thing my husband had to order was a toilet rail that just slots round the toilet as I am not strong enough to stand without.
i am also now dependent on my rollator which was expensive (Topro) but this enables me to walk a few metres.

Ask your GP for a referral to community physiotherapist and occupational therapist, they can visit and assess and provide equipment such as bed handle, walking sticks/crutches, perching stool etc