Hi all. I’m new on here but I am NOT the one suffering MS, it is my g/f. She has elderly parents and siblings who just cannot understand she is unable to function as near to normal as possible. There are MANY MANY issues put her to deal with but making decisions I understand is difficult for her and is causing great anxiety…tears…turning to alcohol etc.

I’m looking for suggestions of who could talk to her family to explain just how all seems to her because she is just unable to deal with, to me, ‘normal’ issues…there MUST be some organisation that could TALK to her family to make them see this…sadly they simply just do not get it !!

Hi, this doesn’t sound easy but don’t think there is an organisation that is going to step is in to talk to ur girlfriends parents and it would be so difficult to get this right for ur girlfriend and what she wants to say. My mum is pretty old and really struggled to deal with people being ill and understanding what is going on, and that’s any illness let alone something as complex as ms. I have ended up telling her as little as possible so she understands that I can’t walk far and get very tired but I just leave it at that because more info just makes her worry which turns into an hour of uncomfortable questions that gets neither of us anywhere. Yes it is frustrating whe n she wants me to go to her house and fix stuff and I have to remind her that I can’t walk to even get there but I accept she’s old and she doesn’t mean to be insensitive. Of course that’s just one example but I think ur girlfriend is the best person to talk this thru with her parents, and hopefully the 2 of u could talk about this first if u think there’s something that really needs to be said. Hope this helps, happy new year, froo

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You are the perfect person to talk to her family. You arrange with her to have a nice meal or something so your on relaxed ground. reach out to MS Society first they have a ton of leaflets and things explaining.

Firstly what is the most important thing your G/F needs to deal with, and how best can her family help her. dont hit them with too much as they will just switch off. No blame game either or you just dont understand, hell I have PPMS and I dont understand why i am like I am lol.

MS is so complex. everyone has their own battles.

but i think YOU can be her advocate. talk to them explain, but get her to decide what is the most thing she needs right now from them.


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Thank you for your reply…I will suggest this to the sufferer x

Hi, just been looking at what MS nurse offers in my area. Calderdale…MS education to families. So maybe there`s a lead there for you. x