was called and an Indian female asked for my name, address and bank
details. I didn't divulge - my wife thought that it could be a SCAM!


Best not to give ANY details!

That is a good word - 'crafty'. Don't get me wrong because I have nothing against 'Indians' [comment removed - complaint re: racial stereotypes]. The actual 'SCAM' was (she said) - to get me 'cheaper' electricity which I would have been willing to get (after winter). I'd like to visit India one day and so does my wife (she had been all around the world but not to India) I have some 'good friends' that are Indian and 'sometimes they are more dependable than some people from this country!' No, it was probably a scam, but it could happen 'from anywhere in the world' - Best to be cautious though because the woman was very convincing (and her 'english' was very good! - maybe she was looking for money to pay for her english lessons - ha, ha!)


yes it does sound like a scam to get your bank details, they would have emptied you account of any money if you had feel for it,

they are getting so crafty with what scams they do, its like at xmas time I was waiting on a parcel I got an email telling me my parcel was stuck in their head office for me to click on the link to find out why it was not in the post, which I did as I was waiting on a parcel my anti virus kicked in as soon as I clicked it, but a virus still got through took me all day to get rid of it, you have to be on your toes with these scammers

I don't know if it is a straightforward "fishing" expedition to harvest your bank account details and empty your account or another type of scam but, unless someone could prove to me that it wasn't it will definitely come under that heading.  Thanks for the heads up.

An Aunt of mine got scammed by a call like this when she was called by someone trying to flog her a device that plugged into her electricity and was "guaranteed" to cut her bills.  She is normally very savvy but was very low and vulnerable at the time because she had just been widowed a few weks before.  She ended up agreeing to get the very pushy saleswoman off the phone and ended up about £100 out of pocket.  We are still trying to get it back (but on the plus side she did get a useless box of cheap electronics through the post letdown)  

I would point out though, that a) there is more to India than Curry (and most of what we eat in GB is Bangladeshi anyway) and b) most people who work in Indian Call Centres are highly educated and speak different languages well.  Sadly, call centre work is considered a good job by many graduates in India.

And scammers come in all types - my Auntie's conwoman was working for an American company apparently currently working out of Cardiff tounge   


I got a call on my mobile phone, it was a British gentleman telling me that my number had been selected to win a prize.  I very politely told him that I don't believe I can win competitions that I don't enter, and I didn't want his prize (whatever it was), thankyou and goodbye.

I've checked, I don't zip up the back.

Luisa x

Yes, it looks like you have to be 'careful' (without becoming 'paranoid' - weather is beautiful today (although I have to be 'careful' with 'heat and sunshine'). MS is 'hard work', I am going (tomorrow) to see about my 'catheter' - I've been fitted it for about 4/5 months - does anyone have any advice. please? The one that I am using can be 'helpful at times' but there are times when it 'leaks' (latest was yesterday) and I could do with a change of catheter - the one that I have is strapped to 'one leg' and 'to all extents and purposes is external' - thanks.


Thanks Luisa - 'I've just read your message and received the 'x' - things can be really 'nice' - with the 'good' weather and the 'less' onslaught from the MS - life (at the moment) can be good!

Here's a 'X' from me.

Marcus. x.

WOOPS - Looks like 'the system has gone a wee bit 'haywire!' (or it could have been me?) apologies for the message having been sent 4 times? (still, on a positive note - you are receiving loads of kisses!)

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