Previous MPM's lost

Since the site re-opened I have lost the pervious PM’s I received. Has anyone else had the same? I received two really nice messages from members following a post I put up last week and was in the middle of conversations with them. Now I cant remember their names to get back in touch. Do ant MODS kow if these PM’s will be back in our inbox soon as this is really frustrating Thanks Steve

Hi Steve We have some work planned for tomorrow which should see profile information - like avatars - from last week restored. We’ll be looking in to PMs too. Greg [admin]

Bob explained in his welcome back post
bob barbour wrote:

Hi everyone. I’m really sorry for the problems over the last few days. Things still aren’t 100% but we thought it best to open the system up again as soon as we could. The problems we’ve had are related to the number of users we loaded onto the site when we went live. The forum runs on a separate system to the rest of the site but information about users feeds back and forth between the two systems. This all worked fine when we tested it but fell down once we went live – sadly therefore it wasn’t something we could have predicted or covered in testing. We are now back up and running but have had to reload all users to the system. This means that the system thinks everyone has only just registered. So, for now: - All posts from the last week or so appear as posted by ‘guest’ – there isn’t anything we can do about this I’m afraid - Profile information and avatars are not there – we will be reinstating these early next week so please bear with us on that one - Old private messages are not currently showing – again we’ll get these back as soon as possible There is still some work to do to fully stabilise the system and we have the tweaks and changes you requested to implement as well. We’ve decided it’s best to tackle everything at once so will be working on “mark 2” next week and rolling it out towards the end of the week. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Bob Hope this helps. Bonnie