Help with the site

Help, I may be going completely nuts but everytime I reply to a PM alert if get an error 403. and have to log in, this can`t be right, have mentioned it a few times but not response.  Does anyone else find this ?

Also didn`t our avatars appear when we answered a post ? crying3


Its all too much.




Me thinks someone knows you need to be kept occupied.  I agree you need answers though.  It doesnt happen to me, perhaps Im an angel  Now what have you been up to in a past life?


Hope it soon gets sorted Tipsy.




ps: dont think youll get error when you answer me?

No Bren, it doesn`t when I answer you, it wouldn`t dare toungelol. It seems to be with the PM alerts.


Can`t seem to get an answer off of anyone, and I`m sure the avatars appeared on the post,, maybe its only on the PM`s. Bit of a waste that seing as it took so much trouble to get an avatar the first time and even more the second and I like mine.



I think all the avatar's have gone!  just looked through the rest of the site, and not a one!  Perhaps they're doing some tweaking........confused

Think you are right, lets hope they haven`t gone for good, I will be crying3 if they are.