Prescription delivery service?

Hi all,

has anyone had experience of prescription delivery services? Would you recommend them?

Hi, I don’t use them exactly but I have something called a pivotell. It is refilled weekly by my pharmacist…he comes to me…it is a round article…looks like a little UFO! It rings when its time to take my meds.It delivers them through a little slot. It can only be opened by the pharmacist....tamper proof. I now don't have to think about ordering or running out of tablets. Its brilliant…no more forgotten or muddled tablets. Bouds x

The one that advertises on the TV has a reputation (not good) Look into your local pharmacist doing a delivery service as many do.

I ask because I’m getting worried about my memory and don’t trust it anymore! I’ve had a catalogue of lapses and keep making the same mistakes because I’ve forgotten daft things.

i keep forgetting to switch plugs on (slow cooker or toaster for instance)

I keep forgetting my PIN numbers first time round!

I’ve even made mistakes with my phone number even though I’ve had it for over 30 years!

I went to the instore pharmacy at the supermarket. went and got my shopping, checked out and forgot to collect my medication!

That’s just for starters!

i thought about prescription delivery but I’ve seen a couple of firms advertising but don’t get what’s in it for them if they don’t charge you for their service!

I tried the service with Boots and it doesn’t work. I spent more time on the phone chasing lost orders. I’ve now gone back to ordering from my Doctor’s Surgery when needed. I don’t need the unnecessary stress.

I have a dosset box. the pharmacy worked with my GP and every week they put the box together with the drugs for me for the week and they deliver it on monday. I LOVE IT. I never have to worry about my meds now. I think different areas call them other things.

also i have ALEXA who is set to remind me in the morning etc to take my meds. so i never forget now lol.

We order prescriptions online at our GP surgery. They are sent to the chemist of our choice and then we go along and collect the tablets. We’ve been using the same local independent shop for years and when things got too difficult last summer and we could no longer go over and collect our prescriptions we phoned and asked if they could deliver - no problem, very reliable and totally free!

I’ve been using Lloyds pharmacy at the supermarket for years at least the last 10, I order my repeat prescription online from my GP and it is sent straight there the trouble is will I remember to order them and will I remember to collect them Might be worth looking into their prescription delivery service. Rather than one that I’ve seen advertised on TV.

Hi Dolly - i used a company called ‘Alcura’ to have Tecfidera delivered, basically because they was no other choice, and they say ‘morning or afternoon?’ . I can’t remember the last time i saw a ‘morning’ (what’s a Morning?), and since ‘Afternoon’ is also a dodgy prospect for being up and about, I missed my delivery several times. Would Alcura deliver it to my pharmacy instead so i can collect it with my other medication? Not on your Nelly! :slight_smile:

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Hi, sounds to me like a PIVOTELL would suit you best. It`s foolproof. My social worker got it for me when I recently had a new care assessment. I have googled them and they are expensive to buy. I don’t know how else you would get one. maybe ask your GP and tell him/her about your poor memory and getting meds muddled. Bouds x