Might have got to the bottom of the prescription delays..

Remember I have posted in a right state, more than once, because I was on the last pill or half pill of something I can’t be without, but the repeat prescription had yet to materialise, despite phoning it in up to two weeks earlier?

Well, I could never get to the bottom of whether it was GP or pharmacy playing silly beggars, as each blamed the other!

Well, the GP surgery has recently launched a new, online prescription request service. I didn’t sign up immediately, as it requires you to attend the GP surgery with proof of identity - e.g. passport (quite funny, when I didn’t need any ID to ring up the pharmacy).

So I waited until next time I had occasion to go to the doc’s anyway, as it’s quite far out of my way.

Anyway, recently, the opportunity came up, as I had to go about something (not MS), so remembered to take the passport along, to get sorted. Yesterday afternoon, after a few false starts logging on (among other things, they had an 11-digit user ID that had to be transcribed perfectly), I placed my first order. Not for anything critical, for the first try, but just the contraceptive pill. I say it’s not critical, but it’s important, as I’m taking it to manage monthly, cycle-related “flare-ups”, not for contraception.

I wasn’t sure quite how the system worked, and expected to have to check back online to see if it was ready, and then give the pharmacy a ring, to tell them they could go and collect.

So imagine my surprise when there was a knock at the door at 3 p.m. this afternoon - just 24 hours later - and it was my pills!

So it looks like all this pallaver of ordering 10 days before I need them, but still having to chase three times, and being distressed and down to my last half pill before they bring anything is completely the fault of the pharmacy. Now they will no longer be able to lie to me, after a week: “Oh, we do keep going up there, but the doctor still hasn’t done it yet.”

I’ll be able to check online, to know if that’s right or not, so I’ll know who deserves the bllcking.

The delivery driver, who, in contrast with his colleagues, does seem genuinely concerned about it, admitted that part of the problem is the pharmacy maintains very low stocks of everything. So it’s as I feared: when I phone in for something like Baclofen, they don’t have it. Their attempt to postpone reordering until the last possible minute is what’s leaving me in the lurch, and causing them to blame the doctor!

But if they have a patient who always needs Baclofen, is it too much to ask that they should maintain enough stocks, just for her? Really, unless I died or moved away, it isn’t very likely I’d stop needing them suddenly, so I don’t know why they can’t anticipate that, and have a few packets always in reserve. Even if you only have one customer who takes it, if it’s a longstanding customer who isn’t likely to find a cure, shouldn’t that be enough to anticipate she’ll still need it?

So, I’m going to try the new online order direct to the surgery, from now on. Of course, the contraceptive pill isn’t a rare or hard-to-find med, unlike some of the others, so it might not have been a fair test. But 24 hours, down from two weeks (and sometimes more) is a remarkable difference in turnaround. I think Baclofen will be next up, which I know to be one of the problem ones, so it will be interesting to see if that’s also much quicker, using the new method, as they won’t have the excuse of blaming the doctor any more.



That’s great :slight_smile: I’m always having problems with boots… Online ordering is great isn’t it I even book my appointments online I don’t have to divulge the reason to the receptionist why I need to see the dr and why it’s so important that I only see my dr and not any one else lol. Michelle

That’s great news Tina.

My surgey is going be setting up this system also, hopefully it will make life much easier. I can spend ages trying to get through to order prescriptions.

Noreen xx

That’s great Tina Hopefully they will get it sorted for baclofen too I’m having major issues just now bit it is the surgery namely the receptionists. For some reason the doctors and pharmacy aren’t in sync pharmacy say I’m due it but doc won’t sign it so I’m a week out and every 2 weeks there is a carry on. Ask to see a doc to get told no appointments try again tomorrow. Said don’t have baclofen left as of today get told put u through to repeat prescription like you’ll get it in 48 hrs. Said u can’t stop taking it and get told it’s not my problem It’s all so frustrating X

Hi All,

Em, I saw your recent post about the Baclofen issue, and I do sympathize, because that’s the one that worries me most, too - and the one I most frequently have problems with.

It’s ridiculous you are only getting two weeks’ worth at once. It’s not as if MS might suddenly clear up in two weeks, and you find you don’t need it! Besides, as you rightly say, there are cautions about stopping suddenly. It’s not a drug you can just stop.

They may say it’s not their problem, but it soon would be if you ran out, and started having fits, or hallucinations, or any of the dire things it’s warned might happen, if you stop without weaning.

I try to tell myself such extreme withdrawal reactions would be rare, but even without the worry of those, I’m fearful of how I’d be without Baclofen, because I think I’d have such severe pain and cramp, and not be able to walk! It’s definitely not something I want to try, just to see what happens.

I think my surgery is at least quite good about prescribing reasonable supplies at once. I think I get about six weeks’ worth, which sounds a lot, but I can’t see that it’s a huge risk, when it’s something the patient is on permanently. If it’s something that’s only ever supposed to be prescribed short-term, I can understand the short intervals to review, but it makes no sense if the patient is quite likely to need it for life - or thereabouts.

With me, it’s been a different problem: nobody claims it’s not due, or I shouldn’t have it. I just order it. And nothing happens, and nothing happens… After about a week (the longest you supposedly have to wait), I start getting a bit anxious, and phoning them to chase, and tell them I’m getting low.

Last time, it got so bad I was down to rationing. I told them of this. I was even told it would “definitely” come next day. It didn’t. I was told it would “definitely” come the next day. I didn’t trust them, so by early afternoon, I was suspicious, and rang to check it was definitely on the van. It wasn’t.

“There are just a couple of items we’re still short of. Are you very low?”

“I told you I was having to get by on half doses 48 hours ago. I haven’t got enough medicine for tonight!”

“But ASAP tomorrow would be OK?”

NO! It wouldn’t!

Honestly, I thought you needed brains to work in a pharmacy.



Yeah sometimes you wonder where they get people I get 6 weeks of everything else so why not make it all the same I need to see a gp anyway. I take cocodemal but only like taking the 30s at morning an night in between I just take 8s but they can only have one on repeat why they can’t lower the dose is beyond me I also got put up to 50 of Amitripiline took it for 2 days the. Went back to 40 but my tabs are 25 this time so my next repeat will be 25s and I want tl stuck to lower amount but of course the repeat won’t let me do that, so tomorrow I will have to be phoning at 8 trying to get an appointment Of course the doctor u can always get is the doctor the doctor who said when I went in with a completely numb arm it’s stress and hyper ventilation when I saw her again with drop foot she sat yawning with her eyes closed and said you know you’ll be laughing about this in 6 months time. Well I’m still not laughing. And I just refuse to see her. Apparantly she’s a very nice person well that may be so but as a gp useless. She did willows 8 week check up. I am a strep be carried and willow ended up in special nursery for a week on antibiotics at her check up she never checked her breathing at all which I thought was quite sloppy. Anyway It’s just a battle. I just know I’ll get offered an appointment at 11 tomorrow and I have an appointment with ENT Tomorrow. The gp who suspected ms and admitted me tl hospital has been brilliant my periods were not helping my ms she got me to get a scan. And I’ve always green phlegm like an infection and choked sinuses. I’ve been seeing her every 4 weeks ironically just got signed off and this all happens with baclofen and to see her it’s about 6-8 weeks wait. As if ms isn’t bad enough