Prescriptions - again!

OK, nothing new has gone wrong…that I’ve discovered yet.

But slipped in on the repeat prescription is the message: “From 1st April, please allow 72 hours for repeat prescriptions”.

This is up from 48 before - i.e. three whole days, from two. And this is just for your scrip to be issued and ready to collect from the surgery - NOT any time taken for your pharmacy to process it.

So if you put it in on a Wednesday or later, I’m assuming you now won’t have it 'til the following week (no weekend working, that I know of - I think they may do a Saturday morning once a month, or something).

I’m already ordering things at least a fortnight before I expect to need them, to allow for the frequent delays and c*ck-ups at the pharmacy (which they used to blame on the surgery, but can’t, now it’s gone online, and I can track progress from home).

So now I’ve got to stick an extra day onto that, and an extra three days if I don’t get my request in by close of play on a Tuesday. If it keeps going this way, then pretty soon, I might as well place the next order as soon as one lot comes, instead of waiting 'til I can see I’ve only enough left for a fortnight.


hi tina

i put my order for catheters in as soon as i open a new box because i can’t manage without them.

as you said, you’d be better off ordering the next lot as soon as one lot comes.

saves you getting stressed

carole x

Hi Carole,

I dunno what the upper limit is on advance ordering - presumably there is one - so I don’t think I’d be allowed to order again literally as soon as each lot comes.

It’s probably not quite the same with catheters, as there’s not such potential for abuse (the mind boggles!), and there’s not likely to be a big black market, so they probably don’t care about people stocking up on a few. It wouldn’t be allowed to hoard drugs the same way though. :frowning:



Hi Tina

At our surgery you can order in advance, so the ‘processing’ procedure begins but then they don’t let you collect it until the date they want you to have it. It seems to work for me - I can order as far in advance as I want and then just make a note on the calendar/in my 'phone when I can collect it.

Just a thought that might be helpful…

H x

Thanks H,

Dunno if mine operate that system or not. If they do, I foresee the potential for slip-ups (mine, not theirs), as I have mine collected and delivered by the pharmacy, so I would have to make a note, as you say, to contact the pharmacy when I’m “allowed” to have it - in contrast with now, when I ring them a couple of days after lodging the request, so there’s not as much chance it will slip my mind.

I’ve never put it to the test exactly how far ahead I can order. As I use things up at different rates, it’s quite hard to keep my scrips in sync. Recently, I did order a couple of things quite early, but I put a note on the request that I knew they were early, and it was to save me having to make two requests 10 days apart - this must have been accepted, as they were all approved OK.

I can’t think the doctors want to waste time reviewing multiple requests a few days apart, any more than I want to waste time doing them, so I do try to group things together wherever possible, even if some aren’t quite due yet.



Can’t see what the problem is.

At our surgery scripts are issued 72 hours after being submitted.

Just send your slips in a day earlier.

If yours have always been that way, then I suppose you wouldn’t see a problem. But for us who were used to better, it’s clearly a retrograde step.

Our pharmacy - now deliver - every month my mums’s pills. They are all put in a dispenser that shows her exactly what and when to take. We do not have to do anything now. The pharmacy organise the repeat prescription. ~This has saved us such a lot of problems. l am sure they can’t be the only pharmacy that does this.

Our local Co pharmacy does the same for its elderly and disabled customers - excellent service.

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My local Dr surgery has recently started an on line service. Repeat prescriptions can be requested on line. The system lists every item of my current repeat list including the date each was last issued together with the date from which the drug may be reissued. There is still a 3 day delay in the prescription being available but it’s a great improvement. I just tick a couple of boxes, add a note if I need to and send it. The drugs are then ready to be collected from the pharmacy 3 days later.

I sympathise with goal post changing tho Anitra.

(The online Dr service is called System Online. It allows appointment making as well as repeats. It’s well worth lobbying your local surgery to get as it’ll save them time as well as you!)

Oh, we’ve had the online system for about a year - that’s not the issue. It’s that we actually seem to be going backwards in terms of expectations. Three (working) days just to approve a repeat prescription now. It might not matter as much if the pharmacy was reliable, but they don’t seem to carry any stock, and try to source everything last-minute - which doesn’t always work - leaving me with a crisis! So I’ve already taken to ordering things earlier and earlier, to cope with the now almost expected: “There’s just one or two things we’re still trying to get hold of”, or: “You should have queried it earlier - it seems to have been overlooked!” Now the doctor’s needs increased notice as well. 24 hours might be neither here nor there if I could depend on the pharmacy, but I can’t.

Every time I order, it’s with apprehension about how long it will take, and whether everything will turn up OK.

I used to be with Boots, but they were just as bad, if not worse. They could not tell the difference between drugs I always need (which should be on auto-repeat), and drugs I take only as-needed (which shouldn’t). With the result I was receiving - and expected to pay for - stockpiles of medicine I didn’t need, because they’d placed it all on automatic repeat regardless. They also used to “mislay” prescriptions - and then argue about when they’d been submitted.

I know I have MS, but I’m not feeble-minded yet: I used to make a note of when I requested things.

“But you only put it in yesterday!”

“No, I put it in last week.”

I never found out if this was just incompetence, or deliberate false record-keeping, to cover up that somebody forgot to do it. (You can imagine, can’t you: “Oh, just put it in the book that she only ordered it yesterday - she’ll never be able to prove any different!”)

But the final straw came when they tried to give me a total stranger’s prescription, claiming I lived with him, and had agreed to collect them on his behalf. When I denied all knowledge (it’s not that I wouldn’t do someone a favour and collect their drugs, if it’s somewhere I go for my own anyway), they treated me as if I was simple, and had agreed to do it, but forgotten! But I live on my own, and if I had somehow agreed with a neighbour I was going to collect drugs for them, I’d certainly know. I can be a bit absent-minded at times, but not to the point of forgetting a whole arrangement that I was going to pick up someone’s drugs. Besides, if I had somehow done that, I’d have recognised the name, and thought: “Oh sh*t, yeah! I did say I was going to pick up his stuff for him, didn’t I?”

So I’m absolutely positive I didn’t agree it with someone and forget. But when staff speak to you as if you’re a sandwich short of a picnic, you do start to doubt your own sanity. They were so emphatic about it, I actually came home wondering: “Could it even be possible I’ve somehow agreed to collect someone’s prescription and lost all recollection of it?” It’s unlikely in the extreme, as most of the neighbours know I’m ill, and they drive, but I don’t. So it’s more likely they might offer to fetch a prescription for me, than the other way around. Why would anyone ask a sick person, who doesn’t drive, to run errands for them? I’m positive it never happened, despite Boots’ best efforts to convince me otherwise.



In our practice we can telephone hand in or email repeat prescriptions and pick up in 2 hours,and I can’t remember a mistake happening hope your all good g