Pre diagnosis

Anyone have constant vibrations? Not seen a neurologist yet but have 70% on the symptoms I can find online. Had mri of head and full spine and found “possible demyelination” and a bulging disc.

usually reading about people having “attacks” of symptoms but mine seem constant and very intense. Vibrations up both legs, back, stomach and chest which is made worse by putting my chin to my chest or just general looking down.

looking for any advise on kerbing these symptoms as I’m now signed off work for the foreseeable future and struggling to get used to all the change. I was very active before this and now I’m unable to do anything physically strenuous.

Hi Bryce,

It’s called L’Hermittes the chin touching chest thing, see L'Hermitte's sign - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia might be a lot to do with your bulging disk?