When I saw neuro he asked what happened if I put my chin to my chest. I said that I got a sharp pain down spine to bra strap like my spine was too tight and wouldn’t stretch with a feint tingle in left arn. On my letter he said I had positive L’hermittes but I imagined it to be more like a really bad electric shock so does what I have match other people’s experience of it? A xx

Hi Arwen, the lhermittes sign at first, for me, felt like i had a mobile phone buzzing in my back pocket. I then noticed it felt like a stronger buzzing sensation that travelled down the part of me that was affected at the time… either my arm, or both legs. It was never painful, and not like a bad electric shock, but when it happened it was unmistakeable. Its always caused by lesion in the cervical cord, I have 3 there. Have you had an mri of your spine? Another interesting thing is I can always feel it when I have a relapse, or faintly when I am very tired, and it is always when I put my chin to my chest and goes away as soon as I bring my head back up. Hope that helps…It is also a very strong sign of having ms.

Hi Daisy. I have an mri booked for 2 weeks time to see if anything shows. Don’t think I buzz with it but then it was only speaking to gel300 on here today that I realised I had had buzzing whenever I checked to see if it was my mobile going off!! A xx

Tingling is how I’d best describe it, usually it’ll be my upper back but sometimes my lower back and across my buttocks, occsionally the back of my thighs are very,very ocasionally across my calves…it’s weird because its so changeable for me - Sonia x

Thanks Sonia tingling I do get sometimes in my arm. A xx

Ah, I am often asked to put my chin to my chest but nothing happens to me when I do. I don’t have spine lesions, only brain lesions so maybe that is why? I have lots of tingling in general though.

Hi Arwen! Approximately 2 years before I was diagnosed (June 2013), I will always remember being stood in my kitchen having just arrived back from a training run. I was stretching out my quads and just happened to then put my chin to my chest. I experienced something very similar to Daisy. It felt like a mobile phone buzz/ tingling and I felt it in my quads (front of the thigh). I was so intrigued by the sensation, I repeated the move several times- placing my chin to my chest. At the time, I thought nothing of it- absolutely nothing!, but thought, ‘what a weird sensation’. Little did I know then that that was a characteristic sign of what was later to come. It was only following my diagnosis of active, aggressive RRMS, that I bought the book, ‘Awkward Bitch’ by Marlo Donato Parmelee which recounted her journey with MS. In her book, she mentioned exactly what I had experienced myself. I could not believe it! I was blown away. It even had a name. I had just remembered the strange and weird sensation that i had experienced myself 2 yrs before. For that reason, I will always remember 'L’Hermittes Sign and that was what brought me to your thread. Best wishes from Tracyann xx

I first started getting this about six years ago. When I lowered my head and looked down, I got a very funny buzzing sensation which ran from my lower back, about 8 inches above my cocxes (sp) down to the back of my thighs. It was almost as if somebody was putting a finger against my cocxes to start the buzzing sensation. This was accompanied by bouts of severe back pain and to be fair to my doctor, he probably thought that this is what was causing the issue. About two months after this started I lost sensation in my lower left body and passing urine became an issue. This was shortly followed by a burning hot feeling in my left hip and area. My doctor put this down to a pulled psoasis (sp) muscle in my bottom. (I am ok i that department now and that episode lasted about three months)

It was the first sign of things going down hill for me and when I mentioned it to my doctor he didn’t have a clue what I was on about and dismissed it as being all in my head. It was the starting point for my issues when passing urine, it can take up to two minutes from being stood there (I am a man by the way LOL) for anything to come out.

Nowadays I get bouts of the L’hermittes but the sensation only runs down the rear of my right thigh, the one which I am whitnessing numbness with.

My first ever neuro appintment is this week and I will be interested to hear what they say.

Ok, never heard of this before but have been aware for quite some time that if I look down (ie, put my chin on my chest) I get a very tight, uncomfortable, sometimes painful feeling down my spine, and I have just tried it again now and I also get a warm tingling sensation across the very bottom of my spine, in line with my coccyxx. I’ve tried it a few times now (sad, huh?!?) and have also noticed that a couple of times I’ve had tingling in my right arm, which is the side I have most of my problems.

Something else to add to the list then!

Hi Tracyann and number 8 don’t get the buzzing with it it is more sharp tight pain as though my spinal cord is too short occasional tingle to my arm. Exactly what you get purpledot. Axx

I get the tight sensation too, maybe a really intense version of the shock like sensation that others experience, but I’m not sure x

Hi MrsChicca that is exactly what I get really don’t know why I didn’t think it was l’hermittes Axx

Possibly because it feels more muscular than spinal, which of course it could be if we have tight muscles for whatever reason x

Interesting, does the strange sensation happen while/immedately you put your chin on your chest for you guys? I think I have some thing similar but it takes about 5 seconds after for a pulling sensation to run down my spine to about middle of my back, then I get a stinging sensation which can last a couple of minutes, I first noticed it some time back when sitting at my desk looking down at some paperwork. I now have to read things holding them up a bit so I don’t have to bend my neck, but i have never associated it with any of the other symptoms i’ve had, just assumed i’m getting a bit creaky.

Mine is pretty much immediate with the feeling lasting for a few minutes after I’ve lifted my head up I never thought anything of it until neuro said in letter what it was. Oddly mrs chicca re tight muscles I’m actually a bit hyper mobile so any tightening to joints I assume will take longer to show but for a few years I’ve been told I have a hard knot on my shoulder blade when had a massage that they think is odd as you can feel and hear the clunk as they go over it but never resolves A xx

I have the same knot. Left shoulder for me.

Reading some of these comments, I think this is where it gets tricky - I did see a physio a few years ago and I did have a little tingling and it was due to tension! I think it’s one of the reasons I didn’t add it up with my walking problems, and even when I’d been referred to a spinal unit I thought it was trapped nerve(s)!

I think with l’hermittes it is often more uncomfortable than anything caused by tension… certainly my neuro said I should contact him if it worsened too much, luckily it seems to have been one of the few things the steroids did help (I’m likely to have PPMS) and whilst I found it a bit unnerving when the tingling travelled a lot it wasn’t what I’d call painful at all shrugs

Sonia x