PPMS Fasting mimicking regime

Hiya Higgs, I’m a week on now from the 5 day fast and still reaping the benefits! I realise now that maybe a 5 day fast (hard core, no food only fluids) might not suit most people but for me it did. I definitely feel a fog has lifted and I can imagine that there are ongoing health improvements yet to unfold! They can only be proved by blood tests etc I suppose. I’m enjoying eating the rainbow still, with little protein as Valter Longo suggests, but that’s how we would strive to eat anyway.

So, after deliberating for days, my next fast, will be 2 days every month for 5 months (which will be nearer 3 anyway because I never eat before lunch :wink: In my head that might be the best maintenance dose to continue the good work!

All the best. Elaine.

Hiya Scots man, I’m sorry. I didn’t wish to alarm you with my EDSS score (told to me by a particularly tactless neurologist one time) which I only mentioned as a point of reference for you maybe? Meaning, I should be pretty quick to notice any improvements! :wink:

It should be remembered that I have been diagnosed nearly 30 years now, and whilst my legs were affected pretty much straight away, they are still my worst problem. I am an otherwise ‘active’ wheely user :wink: I am in total awe of your work load. I pretty much can please myself time wise, and I still find it difficult to find the time to look into worth while health treatments like the fasting one you have suggested which has filled me with such enthusiasm! You took all the hard work out of it for me.

As you can see from my reply to Higgs hopefully, I am most definitely continuing with this strategy, it suits me very well.

I shall post with any updates. Keep on keeping on! Elaine

Hi Scots man, I posted previously re trying metformin as per tests on rats and have used it for about 2 months now. My sister in law is diabetic, she gave me 28 days supply of 500mg tablets and then ordered 850mg tabs online. I cut them in half which obviously equates to 425mg tablets. I don’t know when or if it will make any difference to my SPMS, but as I’ve mentioned before, I’ll try anything to stop the progression of this sh##e. Doom and Gloom Jock.

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That is interesting. You are replacing the fast with the drug. I will be very interested to know if this has an effect on you.

Are you taking these every day or intermittently?

Please keep me informed!

Hello there fellow PPMS victims! I started getting dizziness and falling over so I got taken into hospital. The 3 days I was in there I lost lbs!

For the first time in years I went down to 15 stone 12 lbs. Got back home and having home made meals from my wife, within a week I am weighing 16 stone 4 lbs !!!

So for me the only way to lose weight would be for me to find something that will keep me in hospital for a few months lol.

Well, that would be funny if it was not so serious.

Why do you want to lose weight?

The heavier I get, the more pain I experience, so I try to stay as close to 16st. In the defeatest BMI chart world, that puts me as obese !!. The weight they say I should be is around 12st. Haha, I was that weight when I was about 21 and working all hours God sent !.

Do you ever think that everything we do seems to be a vicious circle !?

Got to go, am dog tired because of no sleep being in mega pain. Just took my morning tablets so hopefully sleep will follow, supposed to see MS nurse at 10am, I’m afraid that won’t happen !!!

God bless, catch you later.

I am afraid that this is something about which I have no experience so my tuppence worth would be valueless.

Nevertheless I do hope that you get some pain reduction as it sounds awful.

Hey there you lovely people, we have had a heart to heart with the MS nurse and he has upped the dosage of my gabapentin by 100mg X 3times daily. One day in and I’m feeling a lot better! It would be great if I could get just one tablet to do the work of all the rest! Can’t see that happening any time soon lol. Take care guys and gals xx

Just wanted to report that I completed my 2nd cycle of fasting last week (1 month on from my 5 day fast!)

I had determined after my first fast that I should carry on for the next 3 consecutive months at 3 days at the start of each month. I still felt energised and vibrant just knowing I was taking charge and I’m sure I’m reaping subtle benefits from doing so. Early days, but I’m definitely not giving up on this idea anytime soon. Bought Valter Longo’s book to read which is excellent encouragement. (The Longevity Diet.£9.99) There are plenty of youtubes out there

The joy this time, was that my husband, after being subjected to me wittering on about it and also witnessing my improvement in mood and attitude and other subtle changes, decided to join me in the fasting diet last week. It’s even easier if you can do it together.

Happily, he is now a convert too! Elaine.

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Well done you! …and your husband too!

Yes, well done. Please keep me informed.

Sadly, I have had to return to my business and look after it. Because going on the fast results in no energy on the last couple of days, I have had to put that on hold.

Not a good idea but we have to eat and It is either the business failing or me. I shall survive the virus and I can go back to it then.

I do feel myself failing but it will take time and who said life was fair?

Hiya Scotsman,

I’m really sorry you’re having a rough time of it, and especially lately with the obvious distraction of the ever present virus worry. I hope things settle down enough for you to consider the FMD again as it was your enthusiasm that got me started!

I have now done FMD (although for me it’s not ‘mimicking’ it’s actually fasting) for 3 days at the beginning of the last 3 months and very glad I have so far, I’m pretty sure it’s a slow burn thing - but I’m not going to knock it for that if it might be the only thing that has helped me so far

I am playing with the idea of maybe trying the diet one day on and one day off for a week next time as a maintenance dose? That maybe a tweak too far though. Still thinking…

I just wanted you to know that I am still 100% behind the idea thanks to Dr Valter Longo and yourself.

Keep on keeping on and trying new ideas! Elaine.

The 5-2 fasting diet still seems to be on i player.

Hi Scots man

I concur with Elaine - you got me started too and I try to mimic fasting for a few days every couple of months. It makes me feel good whatever the long term benefit may or may not be.

So thank you to you…

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Hi Scots man, I don’t read this forum that often and sorry I didn’t reply to your request re my post on15th February this year.

Initially I was on 500mg metformin for 4 weeks, I purchased 50 x 850mg tab on line where I cut them in half and take one half in the morning and the other at night. I’m now 2 weeks into another purchase of 850mg tabs and the only difference seems to be that I can get out of bed at 7am whereas before I struggled to get out of bed for 10am. Nothing else has improved so after this batch is finished I’m done with trying this drug.

Due to stomach problems fasting isn’t an option for me.