Metformin trial but....

Just seen that Metformin is on trial for MS but why only for RR …

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You can always try fasting, as it has the same effect, but without any unpleasant side effects.

" Treatment with the diabetes drug metformin led to the recovery of damaged myelin in rats, according to research in Cambridge and Australia. Fasting - going without food every other day for six months - also had the same effect. Further research is needed to see if these approaches might slow progression and encourage repair in humans."
MS in the Media - 4 October 2019 | MS Trust


Always the voice of reason:)

This should answer your question.

" Who can take part in the trial?

This is a small trial. Only 50 people will take part. Most people will be recruited through Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.

Everyone taking part will have relapsing MS. This is because in relapsing MS, more nerves are healthy enough for repair to happen. So researchers have a better chance of seeing an effect. If they find the treatment promotes myelin repair, a next step could be to test this in people with progressive MS."

First person with MS joins new myelin repair trial | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK (

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