Repair Myelin damage caused by GBS

I do not have MS. However, I have the residual effects of Guillain Barre Syndrome after back surgery 5 years ago. Affected nerves from knees to toes and elbows to fingers. It has subsided to just feet and hand. I heard from my recuperation doctor that it needed exercise and diet. And it could take up to 6 years to eliminate if I was lucky.
I’m 75 years old and would like to better enjoy my declining years. The condition sounds much like the Myelin problem associated with MS. I read on your site that Metformin could repair the Myelin sheath.
Is that possible? I probably get a prescription for Metformin if you think it might help.
Please forgive me if the request is out-of-place, but any help you can give would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Dolan Bradberry

Nothing wrong with your perfectly reasonable request, but metformin has only been tested on rats so far and way too early to say if it will help. Of course, you could just try fasting and skip the drug side effects.

“Treatment with the diabetes drug metformin led to the recovery of damaged myelin in rats, according to research in Cambridge and Australia. Fasting - going without food every other day for six months - also had the same effect. Further research is needed to see if these approaches might slow progression and encourage repair in humans.”
MS in the Media - 4 October 2019 | MS Trust