Exciting news - Metformin + may slow, stop or reverse MS progression

This ‘Stop MS’ lecture is about Metformin (a very common diabetes drug) and how, taken with other very common drugs (T4, miconazole) it can produce re-myelination. The reason people with MS get more disabled (get progression) is because their cells stop re-myelinating. This means these drugs may stop, slow or even reverse progression.

The lecture is here

The really interesting bit is at 33:33 but if you watch the whole thing, you’ll see the lecturer (Prof Robin Franklin) say that the results they got were the most exciting thing he had seen in 30 years of lab work. Exciting to me - these are drugs available right now, to all of us.


It really is incredible that this hasn’t caused more of a stir. I will certainly be bring this up with my nuero.

Hi Swingchick,

Very interesting, thank you. Franklin was great but; trying not to blow my own trumpet; I remember first voicing the idea that reduction of Myelin was a natural occurrence.

It was the death of the Oligodendrocyte that was the problem; therefore the cell that replaces Myelin is unable too; and that was about 20 years ago.

Don’t know if it’s my computer but I couldn’t hear the questions from the audience.

Thanks again


fascinating … Having been diagnosed with prms and not yet qualified for DMT need 2 debilitating relapses (though why 7 weeks bed bound with nausea and vertigo and 12 weeks numb legs dont qualify as debiliating), it gives me comfort that as a 56 year old there are drugs that are available that once fireman sam has started work I can get bob the builder to work. But will i need to visit the fountain of youth before its available for me i have yet to see.

Hi Everybody,

hope you are all not too bad.

Well, Metformin is back in the news. Is anybody getting this or talked to their Neurologist about it? Is it going to be one of those that gets forgotten about again? Is it going to be one of those that the doctors refuse to prescribe? Have we got anything to loose? Just a general question really, trying to get a chat started on what seems a typical light at the end of tunnel story that will probable disappear without trace.

What I find so frustrating it that Metformin has already been prescribed for Diabetes for years and has a good safety record, is not expensive and there are thousands of PWMS out there who are desperate to try anything that might work. If the doctor or their loved one had MS I know they wouldn’t hesitate to give it a go.

Please let us know if you know anything.


You probably missed this thread.

Or you could just try fasting and avoid any unpleasant side effects.

I mentioned to my neuro & he said it was interesting but poor journalism - so unsure