From todays Daily Mail New Research

Hi All

Thought I’d share this sounds interesting lets hope it leads to some sort of treatment.

Sue x

thnx so much sue for posting this!

its a very interesting and hopeful article. i wonder how long it wil take the docs to get the drug out on the market to ppl like us?

it really seems that it seems close to becoming the ‘cure’ to ms that we all want and need, doesnt it?

fingers crossed eh,


anna x

Hi Anna

Its nice to read some good news give us a bit of hope that they are getting closer to a cure for this awful illness

lets hope its soon.

Take Care

Sue xxx

Hello Sue,

This sounds great, as all possibilities are worth following up, but I must admit that I feel nervous about it all. It might be a case of letting the genie out of the bottle? I don’t know what I would ‘rather’ have, alzheimer’s disease or MS.