Potential Diagnoses

Hi all, I’m Stuart, 42 in a few weeks and think i may have MS. After 40 years of good health I was diagnosed with Psoriasis Arthritis last October. I’ve struggled with fatigue daily since and although psa causes fatigue you know you’re own body and I’ve always felt there was something else in the background. Although I’m not over weight, don’t drink or smoke I have always snored and the doctor mentioned Sleep Apnea, I waited 6 months for an appointment only for them to cancel on me at two hours notice. My appointment has been rearranged for October now. Therefore I went back to doctors to get start eliminating things, interactive thyroid, diabetes etc all come back clear. Blood pressure all fine etc. However I’ve been getting tingling in my hands, especially my small fingers on both hands. Have blurred vision in my left eye only, sometimes its very sore to touch. My main problem though is the weakness in my legs, both legs, although mainly in my left leg. I’m also very concerned at the muscle loss in my calves, I can pinch an inch and I’ve never known anyone to be able to do that. Last night I also got a shooting pain down the left side of my face. Can anyone help?

Go back to the gp and ask for a referral to a neurologist, who may or may not, order an MRI scan. A neuro is the only person qualified to give a diagnosis. You could be waiting months for an appointment to see a neuro, so if you can, pay for a private consultation. You can always be treated as an NHS patient if diagnosed.

Thank you for replying. I’m at the doctors tomorrow so will tell him then. I will update you after my appointment. Thanks again. Stuart

UPDATE GP doesn’t think its MS. Booked me in for blood tests for Vitamin D deficiency and Muscle Wastage. Having the tests Friday. With regards my eyes they suggested I book an opticians appointment. Views welcome anyone?

if you have optic neuritis, the optician will see it when he does your eye test.

wouldn’t it be just fabulous to be told you have a vitamin D deficiency?

hope it really is something so easily remedied.

maybe a mediterranean holiday on prescription!

c x

Thanks for your reply. So the optician will pick that up? A lot of uncertainty at the moment. I’ll let you know the outcome.