Posts mri and neuro

Hi guys So I posted on here a while back and ended up having a brain mri and have seen the neuro… He didn’t do any kind of examination on me. I told him I still have Babinksi sign and he said this is probably something to do with trapped nerves that might need some physio although I’ve never seen that in anything I’ve read about Babinksi. He said my left sided numbness was probably migraines and the weird vertigo dropping sensation that feels like I black out for a split second is due to not breathing properly due to anxiety! I’m currently coming off venlafaxine which is a nightmare but I’ve literally had no anxiety attacks for months now and don’t really feel half as anxious as I did. I’ve actually been doing some pretty challenging hiking the past few months which has been good for me mentally although I do find it very hard. Suppose I’m just looking for advice again really as these things don’t seem to go away despite me being more active than I’ve been in years. I’m sick of it… And sick of not getting any straight answers… Was told I had a bulging disc on a scan from a decade ago but they wouldn’t give me a scan of my spine now so I have no idea if there’s anything going on there like nerve problems/possible lesions etc.