What do you think?


I’m new here and would like to tell you alittle about how this started, I am waiting to be tested for MS,

It started when I have a massive spasm in the lower back, it still hasn’t healed properly and get a lot of aching and discomfort there.

This was in late April, in the past month I have been having a tight muscle feeling in the middle of my backn and aching limbs and tingling in hands and feet, especially in the left hand, little and ring finger. Which would come and go but now seems to be there all the time, also an itching feeling on legs and arms which sometimes feel heavy.

I don’t seem to have had any eye trouble, balance etc, I don’t feel any more tired than I would normally. However I do work nights, and am used to feeling tired I wouldn’t say I was lethargic.

I mentioned all this to my chiroprator who was helping me with my back and she did a foot test, I can’t remember what it’s called and my toes spread and big toe curled back, she said she was going to refer me to my doctor for an MRI scan to test for MS.

I am now terrified, I know this may sound dramatic to most of you that are already suffering, or managing on a daily basis. but I can’t sleep, or get it out of my head. I have told my Mum who was very supportive and said we would deal with it, if it turns out I have it but I’m worried about the future and what it holds, I think that I do have it, my symptoms seem to mostly fit.

I’m at the doctors in the morning to arranged my MRI scan.

I also have Vulvodynia, which I am taking tablets for, just started last night, 10mg of Amitriptyline which I belive can also be a symptom?

What do you guys think? I would be grateful for any help.

Hello, and welcome to the site

The foot test thing was to see if there is any problem with the upper neuron tract which is basically the pathway that takes messages between the brain and muscles. The response you describe is called Babinski’s sign and suggests that there is a problem. It can be caused by lots of things including slipped discs etc, so try not to worry too much about it.

Your chiropracter was a wee bit out of order to scare you so much because even if your symptoms have been caused by damage to your nervous system, there are actually quite a lot of conditions that can cause this, some of which are one off things which most people recover well from and some of which are treatable.

I hadn’t heard of Vulvodynia, but having googled it I would say that, yes, it’s consistent with MS, but as I’ve already said, it could also be caused by loads of other things.

I do think you need to see a neurologist to make sure you get to the bottom of everything, so be firm with your GP if he/she tries to dismiss your symptoms, but I honestly think that it is far too early to be focusing on MS. Even if it was an early sign of MS, there are loads of people who have a first attack and never have another one! (About 50% on average.) So please try not to worry.

I know that’s easier said than done, so I will also say that MS is NOT the end of the world. Life with MS can be challenging, but the vast majority of us still have long, happy and fulfilled lives.

Karen x

Hi Reebe

Welcome! Karen has given you some great advice.

I would get referred to the neurologist to get to the bottom of this.

It may or may not be MS so try to keep an open mind (vitamin deficiencies, iron problems, thyroid etc can all cause similar symptoms). Try not to google as it may make you more stressed and worried and this can exacerbate your symptoms and also as not everything happens to all patients with MS.

The word MS is scary - I automatically thought of a person in a wheelchair when I first thought of it. But the reality is this is very narrow minded. There are so many diagnosed with MS that go on to do wonderful things and lead fairly normal lives. So even if it is MS it doesn’t mean all doom and gloom.

Good luck with the MRI scan. I really hope that they find a simple explanation and manage to help you with your symptoms.



Thanks for your replies, I know I should try not to stress so much but it’s hard.

I’ll try and keep my chin up!