Post or no post. That is the question ....

Tried to post twice about my double vision.

Nope … it’s counted as spam.

Very strange. No links either.

I wonder if this will post …or …not


I’m having trouble even accessing the site, half the time. I have it bookmarked in my browser, but it takes a very long time to navigate there, or times out.

If I try downforeveryoneorjustme it sometimes (but not always) shows it as still up - but I still can’t navigate there. I’m getting normal response from other sites, so I don’t think it’s my computer.

And I’ve twice recently posted a very long and detailed reply to someone, but then lost it. Felt guilty about not trying again, especially where it was someone who hadn’t received any replies, but sometimes you just haven’t the heart to start again from scratch, have you? So I’m afraid I’ve thought: “Oh well, someone else will have to come along and answer that one, because I haven’t got the energy or the patience to do things twice.”


I often copy my posts into a text editor (especially lengthy ones) prior to ‘submitting’ just in case the forum I’m posting to has a temporary fit …my typing isn’t accomplished enough to rattle things off quickly, so a lengthy post can take me ages!!


Think I will save my posts before I post, then I can try again if it doesnt work.

I’ve lost a couple of posts recently - was tired so couldn’t be bothered to post again! The site seems to be playing up a bit x