What am I doing wrong? Or does this forum hate me?

The last few times I have tried to post replies to ongoing threads, my replies either haven’t appeared or I have ended up sending multiple copies of the same post.

I definitely can’t see a lot of the posts I have sent over the last month or so but, when I checked my posting history they are definitely there. Absolutely the final straw for me was this morning when I spent the best part of an hour typing a lengthy reply to a thread about claiming DLA but the site just ate it.

I don’t post much so I don’t know if I have missed a change in the way the forum works. Do we not get the “wiggly letters” to enter before a reply is posted on the site any more?

Does anyone have any ideas about what I am doing wrong before I either flounce off or just throw my computer through the window?

And this new thread is on my posting history but it does not seem to be visible on the forum.

AND for some reason it is recorded as being posted TWICE!!!

I haven’t got a scooby what is going on. Help!!!