Hello testing to see if my message appears on the forum as my last 2 posts on everyday living have not been posted but my previous posting have appeared can anybody help if this post does not appear I will know there is a problem and try to rectify it.


Hi. Ave just posted the same thread twice neither thread has worked, I posted the first one and thought I must of did something wrong so posted again and still it ain’t on the front page. Hope this helps as I don’t know what’s wrong with the site.

My last two have not appeared either. There was a message on my last post to say it was beng looked at by the ‘modorating comittee’ and if OK they will post.

Well they did not so as far as I’m concerned they can stick this site up where the sun don’t shine.


Hi all

I’ve been looking into this and it would appear that it is down to the new anti-spam system.

We have a problem in that without it we won’t be able to stop the site turning into a spam free for all.

I’m looking into how we can messages that are caught up in this system posted up much sooner.

Greg [admin]

Hello it’s me again, I have made 6 posts today & only 1 has appeared on the forum. This my last time trying today. if it does not appear I will give up because it is a waste of time