Possible Lhermitte Sign

I have been diagnosed with a conversion disorder since none of my MRI’s (brain and cervical spine done 4 months ago, lumbar and thoracic done 2 weeks ago) have shown lesions. About a month ago I started experiencing an electrical shock sensation that runs up the left side of my neck to my left ear every time I bend my head to the right or press certain muscles in the left side of my neck. Could this be a symptom of conversion disorder or is it Lhermitte’s sign? Thanks


Sorry, I’ve no idea what a conversion disorder is! I’d speak to your GP or neurologist/consultant, as they’re the experts.


The sensation is more of a pulling sensation. It doesn’t feel like an electric shock but rather a slight pull on the nerve itself. The feeling doesn’t run down my spine at all which is what a positive Lhermitte sign reading entails. When I told the neurologist about this she did not seem too concerned since the sensation didn’t run down my spine

Hi Chez

If I remember rightly, most of the symptoms you’ve suffered sounds ‘a bit like’ one of the known MS symptoms. But they never quite seem to fit.

Given this, your physical assessment, test results and the neurologists definitive ‘it is not MS’ (which is I think what you’ve been told from the start), it’s probably not ‘quite’ Lhermitte’s either.

Had your neurologist finally discharged you? Have you been referred on for any other therapy? Are you still seeing someone about your anxiety?

It just appears that you have managed to have this worm wriggle it’s way into your brain, and it’s telling you, still, it could be MS.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way unsympathetic, I cannot imagine how dreadful you must feel, to be experiencing physical symptoms, but have no way of getting a diagnosis of a physical condition.

How is your relationship with your GP now? Can you get any help from him/her? What do they think about the ‘conversion disorder’ diagnosis?

I would love for you to come onto the forum one day and say you ‘feel a bit less anxious’. Whether that’s because you are diagnosed with something that makes more sense to you, or because you get some psychological therapy or counselling.



sue is absolutely right.

we would love to see your user name change to chezchilled.

take care, let the anxiety go.


The sensation has steadily progressed and has become extremely frustrating. Whenever I bent my head to the right or rotate my neck counter-clockwise I get the sensation. On top of all this, whenever I press down on the left side of my neck this sensation occurs. It sometimes happens even when I press down on my trapezius muscle. All of this points to something that involves the cervical plexus nerves but could it be attributed to MS or just a general sporting injury considering I play a lot of sport. I originally thought it could be a compressed nerve but from what I’ve read compressed nerve pain tends to persist rather than coming on when the neck is bent. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

ask your gp to refer you to someone who can help.

a physiotherapist maybe.

it sounds more mechanical than electrical to me.