positive ANA blood test

Having phoned for blood results and been told everything fine and dandy apart from the low vit D and B12 as before I have just received a copy letter from the consultant stating blood test reveals positive for ANA. I do not know whether previous blood tests have been positive as this is the first copy letter I have received. Little confused - can any of the lovely experts on here throw some light on it for me.



Well, my “expertise”, such as it is, was only got from reading Wiki, which I know is hardly the ultimate authority on such things. But it seems to think that although a positive ANA (antinuclear antibody) test can be associated with a number of auto-immune conditions, it’s also seen in a high proportion of the healthy population.

So a positive ANA test, by itself would be of little clinical significance. Only if it was backed up by other abnormal results.



I should have added that by: “other abnormal results”, I didn’t mean the low vitamins. I meant other abnormal immune system markers.


Thanks Tina. Just wish the Dr could have told me that! thank goodness for this forum.