ANA blood test??

Hi i just had lots of bloods done again!! i always have low ferritin levels and anemia, but this time my Ana test cameback positive as dr looking at lupus. anyone else had this test positive with ms or lupus, i have no idea about lupus, but i do have joint pain ,no rash, but extreme fatigue and neurophathic problems for years. anyone???


Hi Mo

When I was first referred to a Neuro in 2008 my ANA test came back positive. However, when I asked my GP about this he said that lots of people in the street have positive ANA test but it doesn’t really mean anything!

I’ve since changed neuros (the first one left the Trust), and this test result has never been mentioned again.

Like you, I have neuropathic pain but no rash.

Sorry, not really much help to you, but thought I would just mention my own experience with this. Will be interesting to read your replies from others.

Take care

Bren x

Thanks bren, dr said he wants more tests and could be lupus?? wait and see iguess. he said with positive ana test and anemia with joint pain ect, it could be ?? ive been ill 3 years and more and just want an ansere, but scared to believe anyone!!

Hi, my daughter has had lots of health problems for a few years. She has B12 defficiency, anaemia and had positive ANA. She was also told that a positive ANA wasn’t anything to worry about and her figures were quite high.

Jacqui x

spoke toDr this morning and he is sending me to rheumotology as he thinks there is a high chance it is lupus as 4 of my symptoms match as well as ana test? im still not hopeful!!!