Lupus V MS

Hi there - new to the forum

I am diagnosed with lupus and osteoarthritis and have had 3 joint replacements.

I am increasingly thinking that the Lupus diagnosis is incorrect as I am having a lot

of MS related symptoms which are

  • band of pain around rib cage - comes and goes, sometimes excrutiating.
  • twitching legs and arms - whole body jerks sometimes in bed.
  • worsening eyesight - pain behind eyes
  • Very tight thigh muscles - rock hard with pain and pins and needles.
  • Very hot sensation in upper thighs
  • sudden leg/foot jerks.
  • extremem fatigue and nausea.

Does this sound like MS?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Hello Jueloz, welcome to the forum.

Firstly, I must say that I know next to nothing about Lupus.

I’ve had MS for quite some time and don’t recognise several of your symptoms. I don’t know if you are aware but most, if not all, MS patients are tested for Lupus during what they call the ‘work-up’. We are also tested for many other conditions which, like Lupus, can mimic MS. I tested negative for several dozen.

I’m afraid that only a neurologist can properly answer your question, as diagnosis is a lengthy and complicated affair. There is no definitive test for MS, but the MRI scans seem to be the most important.

Hoping your condition improves soon.


I had lupus blood tests done at start of my journey and they came back positive for lupus ANA, so i had to wait six weeks for another one.

My father had lupus.

six weeks it was negative for lupus ANA. so i was told i dont have lupus.

Your symptoms could be either. If you have had 2 positive lupus tests you have lupus. whether you have MS alongside is another thing. I still think i have lupus at times, as i get a spike temp and feel awful then my temp goes back to 36.7 and i feel better. Its like having weird flares, but the neurologist has told me i have PPMS.

Hi Ben, the reason why I ask is because I am aware that a diagnosis is lengthy as you say and it could be the lupus giving me these symptoms but they are not classic lupus symptoms, more ms. I will speak with my rheumatologist (in may!) and see what he thinks - thanks for your reply.

Hi Crazy Chick - I have had only one positive lupus test and so they have labelled it lupus - this was some time ago! I suppose an MRI is the key to seeking a diagnosis but I am tired of all the medical stuff. I was really wondering if it was worth going down the ms/mri route coz if it is ms then I am on the wrong medication. Thanks for your reply.

all i know is i was told my test was positive for lupus, but i needed another six weeks later something to do with false positives, and i needed 4 out 11 requirements to be positive.

As you haven’t had a follow up of lupus which really you should be having i know my dad was always having blood tests, perhaps you should start there. ask for a follow up with your rheumy and see how your lupus is. they shouldn’t just leave you without care and follow up as Lupus is a multifunctional disease.

If you are being followed up and have had further positive lupus tests then i would just accept it as being that as the symptoms are very close, but if you havent had a follow up since diagnosed then i would start there personally. Lupus is not an illness which should just be left.