Could it not be MS but Lupus?

When I first started having problems my Gp sent me to both a Rheumatologist and a Nuerologist. Rheumie said I had Raynards and conective tissue disease. But something else going on probably Nuerological. Nuero was sure it was MS but after a clear MRI of head and neck said not and my problems down to a Rheumatology problems! He could not explain my ptosis, dropping eye and differant size pupils nor could eye clinic who put it down to Nuerological! This week I go see Rheumie and is surprised how much I have been suffering, some days too stiff and legs too heavy unable to dress myself! Fatigue big time. My whole life has changed in last year, I have changed so many things so I can manage. I can no longer take my youngest to school, a I don’t know if my vision will be up to driving, or my legs will work the pedals or my hands will be able to grip the wheel! I used to walk him the 1/2 mile trip up the hill! Anyhow despite saying the Lupus test was negative 6 mths ago, they have now ordered a whole new set of bloods, and if eye clinic agree, will put me on an anti malaria drug, this is a Lupus treatment. I understand that Lupus can mimic MS and that you can have both. Anyone else been in the same boat?

Janet has both lupus and MS so you could maybe send her a pm? (Her username is Janet.) No test is 100% accurate, including MRI and blood tests, so symptoms and clinical signs are often the best indication of what’s going on. Unfortunately, it gets complicated because a lot of conditions present very similarly :frowning: I hope they work it out soon for you. Karen x