Positive ANA test - referred to neurologist

Hi! I’m a newbie!

I am 9 months post partum. Over the past 3 months I have had extreme exhaustion, joint pains and tingling in my legs and times of vertigo. I have had other things going on too and have not been myself mentally. Lots of crying and hiding away. I was putting some of this down to not long having a baby, but my mum started getting symptoms of MS after her first pregnancy, so thought I should make a trip to the GP.
I had a number of blood tests done and have come back with low vitamin D and a positive Anti-Nuclear Antibody test - I had read that ANA doesn’t usually link to MS but because of my family history (my GGrandmother had it too) they are referring me to neurology. I haven’t actually seen my GP yet as he has been away so have an appointment to discuss further with him this week but the referral has at least been put in. It’s now a waiting game…

anyone else have positive ANA tests before being diagnosed?