Results at last!....sort of.

Hi everyone....

Today I received a copy of the letter that was sent to my GP (which he would not give me info on)..I had to pester the neuro sec for this.

My MRI scan of the head and cervical spine has 'not shown any significant or sinister pathology' and the nerve conduction studies 'have shown no evidence of an ulnar or median neuropathy.'


All blood tests have come back normal except p ANCA which is positive....they are still awaiting MPO3 and PR3....the neuro is going to see me again in November...what do I do in the meantime when my GP is not being very sympathetic and will only offer me counselling.

Does anyone understand the positive p ANCA test?....I still have all the strange sensations and dizziness etc. the neuro says in his letter that there is no diagnosis and no therapeutic steps to offer me...where do I go from here?








Hi Wendy,

Just googled 'positive p ANCA test' - too long to explain here but looks like an autoimmune disorder.

Sometimes it takes years to confirm  MS.

Speak to your neuro  if you can - hope the dizziness goes away soon.

Jen x 

Hi, sorry I can`t explain those medical terms either. But goldrat googled it, why don`t you do that too, to see if it helps, eh?

I am still awaiting a firm diagnosis. I am being referred to a top MS man in Leeds............this after years of toing and froing.

November is a long off to leave you in limbo.

luv Pollx