P-ANCA Blood Tests & MS ?

Evening everyone.

I have finally been seen by a neuro and given the go ahead to start treatment three years after my initial diagnosis. I have recent blood test and also tests done back in January when they wanted to reconfirm my diagnosis. All of my blood tests come back in range apart from P-Anca, which is slightly out of range and so they say it is positive. The further two tests from this, which is for vasculitis come back very low so they say it is not vasculitis.

I just wondered if anyone else with MS has had this test done and got a positive. Everywhere I search seems to indicate this is a test for vasculitis, but all neuros insist that I do not have vasculitis?

The only other explantion is, could this be postive if I have IBD/IBS, as I do seem to have bowel/disgestive problems which docs are starting to investigate.

I am very confused!

thanks for any help

I’m following your post. My 14 yr old daughter became ill 3/3. We are on our 9th doctor now. RA doc is trying to rule out IBD and Vasculitis. She came back positive ANCA -P ANCA. I’ve just now started doing research on MS. Found out her grandfather on paternal side died from MS complications. I’m anxious to see if anyone can give insight on your post.