popped in

Hi Folks, Havent been on here since new site came online....i used to babyben.......i have been using asperger and autistic forums as my youngest son was dx last september lots been happpening .....hope you are all welll ..................................linda x.

Hi Linda,

Had to look up asperger as i have never heard of it before.

You and your son seem to be going threw the mill just now.

Not sure i could help you,but i can feel for you.

Not a lot on you prifile so can only asume that you have MS.

Can understand why you have not been on the forum for a while.

But remember that it is here for you if you need it.

Take Care Of Yourself And Your Son.



Hi Linda! My eldest has Aspergers too. He is nearly 15 and refused to go to school the last few months…trying not to get too stressed as it doesn’t help my health, but I am not always very successful!

Oh and to add insult to injury he tells me is never going to leave home and wil live with me forever…aargh!!

You have to laugh…