long time no see

Hi, Havent been on here for a while since new site…i used to be baby ben if anyone remembers me had been registered for years in between the time since ive been on my youngest son 12years old has been diagnosed with Aspergers …i had suspected he ahd it as hsi older brothers and sister have traits…but its good now we can get on withl life and get support as he ahs anxiety etc…so will try and get used to this site as i came on every day and now i dont…linda

Hi Linda,

I remember your username (baby ben).

I was on the old site every day and like you, I’m trying to get used to it.

Hope you’re good.

Denise xx

Hi Thanks it dont feel like home on here anymore…linda

Hi Linda
Still here despite many things happening e.g. the local ( to me ) mining disaster in the Swansea Valley which affected us as a family.
Will post an update about myself once the site settles down.
Eiona xx

PS Especially the font sizing - thinking of those who rely on browser readers …