not been on here since it all changed

Hi Guys not been on this website since it all changed and cant get on to my old log in. i now have no buddies and i used to like having folk to chat to not just ms chat, general chat also anyone want to be my buddy? :). Its lonely being the only one i know with ms now :frowning:

Hi don’t be alone I’d like to be your buddy! Kathryn

Same as Kathryn hun!! Tracey xx

ALONE on here never

We may all be new to you but thats just loads more people to talk to


Hi, I’m here as well, so chat away, you’re never alone on here.



hi lorra

im new to this also, i did post something few days ago but didnt get a reply il chat to you if you want.


Hiya am new to this too I am still learning how it works but am doing ok to put smiley faces on there at the top of the page just click on the face and all different ones come up just click on the one that you want. I,ll chet to you cos its nice to chat to people who understand how we feel like you said there,s always someone on to talk to so don,t feel alone.