Falling apart

My son is 33 has Aspergers, and now a MRI scan shows he may have MS. The doctor my son has is brilliant, and is rushing through all the tests he will need and appointment with neurologist, to get result 100%. As mum am finding this news extremely hard to take in all I can do is cry. My son is not affected, he’s just happy he knows why certain things have been happening. I am supposed to be supporting him, and its him supporting me.

Oh luv, I do feel for you.

As mums, we want to protect our children from all the horrors of the world.

Sadly we cant do that…so try to take heart in the way your lad is dealing with this latest health issue, eh?

We are here for you. So rant when you need to, yeh?

luv Pollyx

I suspect that if your son was falling apart you would find the strength to support him. Don’t be hard on yourself there may be times when your son needs your support and I just know that you will find the strength to be there for him.

Allow yourself to cry it’s cathartic and you will emerge stronger, as Polly said there are people here for you, talk your worries out on here you will feel loads better for it.

Best wishes

Jan x

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Thanks Polly for your kind words x

Thank you Jan for your kind words x

Hi, my son has Aspergers too so i know how tough it can be, its hard enough whating them struggle without having this as well, im sure he really appreciates your support, my son is 18 now but when he was younger we went through a terrible time with him he just was’t coping and ended up having a mental break down i felt so terrible watching him suffer he needed us so much, he still finds things hard now but we are very close and often he’s the one supporting me we have a really special bond, its the hardest thing in the world being a mum and yet the most wonderful thing too. Hang on in there. Love Michelle xx

Hi Shelley Thanks for your words, yes its very hard. For along time I blamed myself for his Aspergers, we have a close bond as well and support each other. So lovely you and your son are close as well. Today we got told he has MS am devastated for him, what else is going to be thrown at us ? My son has taken it well, am the one who is the crying wreck x

Hi, just wanted to say my heart goes out to you, when we have children with special needs it doubly hard, Iv’e felt tremendous guilt and helplessness at times but all we can do is love them and be there for them through thick and thin, try to look after your own self too, I used to be a trustee for Chaps it was a group supporting parents of young people with aspergers, it was so hard for many of the parents often they got ill as a result of all the pressure it takes its toll on everything in your life. unfortunately iv’e got ill myself we just don’t know whats around the corner but i count myself lucky, i have a good husband and good friends. and Ben my son is amazing he has some terrible meltdowns but of all my children he is the most loving, ironically i also have two daughters with autism but thats a different story!!! i also have a good sense of humour it really helps. You take care your son sounds wonderful he has such a good mum and he loves you so much who could ask for more. Love Michelle xx

Hooray !I’m not alone then, I have 4 kids all living with me son of 23 with Aspergus, twin daughters at 21 of which 1 is currently being tested for MS (she also has a mild form of bipolar), the other daughter has anxiety disorder,son of 13 with Autism and me with ppms.

The 2 sons are typically Autistic in lacking empathy however they love a cuddle with me and can be affectionate.

This is one mad house, I have a boyfriend but he really struggles to accept the what he calls the way we live! And has done for the past 4 years I’m constantly battling with him, currently need to make a decision if I’m prepared and fit enough to carry on the battles.

Every time my daughter tells me of a pain or eyesight issues my heart sinks it all points to MS, she has had an MRI & several lumber punctures to relieve pressure due to headaches, I keep telling myself to stop worrying. She received an appointment for the MS neuro in January, so guess I will worry till then.

Pauline x

Hi, Pauline, I had to reply so you have a very busy life too! Wow its good to know im not the only one. sometimes you begin to think what next!!! I hope your daughters okay it must be so worrying for you. My 23 year old has Autism and bipolar she lives in a residential house with other young people and they have Carers she’s home most weekends she’s hard work at times and can be quite aggressive, i know she doesn’t mean it, she’s got worse since Iv’e been ill, I feel so sad for her. My 13 year old daughter also has Autism and since shes become a teenage the dreaded mental health issues have set in. I try to keep positive with a good sense of humour but some days it really over whelms me.

Michelle xx

Thank you Michelle, you & Pauline sound as if you have your hands full. Us mums never think of ourselves do we lol. Take care x