Hi I’m new to this forum, my daughter has just been diagnosed with MS, I know nothing abt MS and how I can support her, so any advice would be grateful, she is 43yr old mother of two sons, she has a wonderful supportive husband and also very supportive friends. She will confide in me when she is feeling low, however she always puts a brave face on for other family members and her friends, she is a very positive thinking person and I admire her greatly for the way in which she copes.

Hello Linber, not read your comment before, so sorry bit late- I am similar to your daughter, similar age, two youngish sons, supportive husband and friends. My family aren’t nearby but inlaws are. Just knowing that they’re there if needed is help enough sometimes, and I know I can rely on them on occasions when I can’t manage. Part of the difficulty for me is that I know I’m not as able as them, and some things like hoovering, washing etc gets done when I’m able not when it needs doing. And I’m blessed by having wonderful inlaws that don’t interfere but if I called them they would be here ASAP, they just accept me and my ever decreasing abilities.

this isn’t really answering your question I’m sorry but sometimes all the support you can give is just being there and try not to take over. I don’t know what type of a relationship you you have with your daughter, but MS doesn’t mean she changes personality so just carry on as normal. If your daughter is coping with her ms and all the changes and frustrations she faces, then just continue to be her mum.

dont know if that helps, take care x

Thank you for your response, my daughter and I have a great relationship, we both still work full time, I try to make sure I speak to her every day and I try to visit 2-3 times a week, just to have a cuppa and a chat, it’s good to speak with someone who is experiencing what my daughter has as we know very little abt the condition, however things seem to be falling into place now if you know what I mean, she just seemed to get every illness going, one thing after another, she is one of 4 children and the only one with the condition. Thank you again for your reply and take care, you sound so brave just like my daughter x

Hello again, another beautiful day here, so been out.

It’s great your daughter still works full time, so hope she and you have enjoyed Easter break. MS is very different for each and everyone and don’t know what the key things are affecting her, or when she was diagnosed. When I first got diagnosis I couldn’t get head round it for months but now can talk to most people about it, a and I’ve just learned to live with it, which I guess is all any of us can do. I do worry about the effect it has on my kids, but they have lots of friends, are very active and give me grief like any other kid, so I guess they’re ok. I’ve always been honest with them about it and they seem to cope, I do worry about the future, but as I can’t change that we all just move forward ( me slower than them!!!)

Enjoy any chocolate you have left… Xx