Recently diagnosed in June 2021

I have recently been diagnosed with remitting relapsing MS I am a single mother. How do people cope those with children? What support or benefits are available any help would be appreciated

Develop a strong support network, if at all possible. This could be family, friends, neighbors, co-workers. Think of them as your toolbox. You’ll need somebody to talk to when you’re feeling down, maybe someone to watch the children when you can’t, another person to drive you to doctor’s appointments or to get groceries when you’re having a bad time.

A lot depends entirely on how you are now. For most of us, MS moves slowly, so there’s no need to panic. If your children are no longer babies, get them to help out around the house in age-appropriate ways. Don’t be afraid to let them know that you’re tired and need to rest. Sit whenever you can. Get a stool for the kitchen. Take naps with the kids. Lighten up on the housework. Learn how to cut corners in everything you do so that you can reserve your energy for what really has to be done.

Your kids will grow up knowing that their mother has MS, and it’ll all be very normal to them.

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Thank you so much for the advice will defo take what you said on board. Your right about building my support network my problem has always been asking for help but I guess now I will have no choice but to. Thanks again