My son newly diagnosed - feel lost

Our 20 year old son was diagnosed in July of this year with MS. I feel lost in a world I knew nothing about a mere 6 months ago. I have found it so hard to deal with - he has been handling it (for the moment) a lot better than me. He stopped me coming in to his appointments because I kept crying!I have found it really hard to be strong for him. I feel such a failure that I cant help him!He is currently underdoing further tests (contrast MRI, bloods, x-rays) to determine which treatment would be the best for him. I feel lost in an array of treatments that I just dont understand. I am beyond grateful and thankful to all the researchers who are researching treatments for MS and to the volunteers who put themselves forward to help with research treatments.

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Hi, Firstly I want to say how sorry I am to hear about your son’s diagnoses, its never nice to hear that someone has MS, so don’t beat yourself up about how you feel about it, he is your son and you want to protect him. I’m hoping with the right test and info he’ll be put on the right meds to hopefully keep it under control. He’s young so hopefully some of the research that;s going on may hopefully be beneficial to him, fingers crossed. You take good care, try to stay strong, not easy a lot on here know that, but we’re here for you.

Jean x

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That’s tough news for a parent to receive. I am very sorry.

All I can suggest is that you take your cues from your son as best you can. He has a lot of coming-to-terms to do, and you can help him by listening carefully to the messages you are getting from him about what he needs from you. It’s tough dealing with your own strong emotions: he will have plenty of troubles of his own. Don’t worry that your own distress currently makes it hard for you to attend to his needs the way you would like to. You are in shock too and that will pass. This is a life-changing diagnosis and it’s a long road ahead. That’s where steady and loving support of family can be such a blessing over the long term. You will find your path to mastering your own distress and figuring out how best to help.